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Wednesday, December 25, 2019

What Solutions are you providing to the world in 2020?

By: Waheed Ogunjobi

A young lady who woke up my family early  this Christmas fired my imagination to inquire about the need for all of us  to be a solution provider to the world , if we are desirous of making the big difference. 

The young lady,an area sister had come to me with a nano technology which she claimed will ensure that I no longer have to bother about my phone screen getting spoilt or broken . She convinced me to subscribe to the fluid  technology which performs two functions,  protecting the screen against scratch as well as preventing it from breaking each time it dropped on the floor.

 I quickly patronised the technology because I know I'm the careless type to the extent that the phone I purchased in just about two weeks ago has had it's screen protector broken.  Pronto, the nano technology producer and the lady who marketted the product  to me had made away with N2,000 naira . 

What actually fascinated  me about this latest solution to a common problem is that those who invented this so called nano technology had  studied our needs and rose to the challenges and are by now raking in billions of naira across the world from telephone subscribers. 

 That is the spirit of those who understands the magic wand behind providing solutions. Without mincing words, most inventions in the world are products of solution provision to a particular problem of mankind.

 Let's take for instance, the person who invented Facebook and other social media platforms . Those ideas  have been able to satisfy the needs and yearnings of the people to relate with other people across the world within the shortest space. The technology behind these ideas have been able to reach billions of people across the world while those  who invented such have smiled to the bank. 

Invariably, there are two things solving societal problems will do for you, one it will give you popularity and at the same time lead to a swell in your bank account.

Going a bit local, I have seen smaller enterpreneurs who took the advantage of the desire for packaged products to rebrand and package some local produce and are today millionnaires . 

In this stead, people who package garri, kulikuki, chinchin and what have you have been able to solve a particular problem and are raking in the millions. 

For instance , someone decided to lash on to the desire of the people to have a pap that can be preseved beyond the common early morning pap we are all used to  and as such came up with the idea of dried and packaged pap which today is making waves in the market. I have also seen someone who produced dried locus beans (iru) and the product which serves the need of Africans abroad is now an export delight .

It  should also be placed  on record that the producer of ordinary tooth pick and even toothbrush have been able to solve a particular problem for mankind . The question now arise, what solutions are you  providing to the world ? 

Most people wish to be an entrepreneur and they probably labour day and night even while in the business without making a breakthrough. The bottom line is that as much as people desire to be an entrepreneur, the best approach is to be a solution provider .

Thus, as we move into a new year, there is the need for us all to reflect deeply about what solution we are providing to the world.  The reality is that most of what you make use of in your house and at your comfort zone are invented and or produced by someone , so why then do you  have to be a perpetual consumer without making an effort to provide a solution  no matter how little ?. 

Those who provide the solution to the world problems are the most popular and rich among manking. Remember Michael Faraday who invented the electric bulb after several failed attempts. Only God knows how much money must have been made through that invention up till date . What about Bill Gate who who is one of the richest persons in the world? All of these people have been solution providers. 

Those who understands marketing to the fullest and the magic of product development knows the powers behind providing solutions to the problems of the  world. I have been fascinated by the product development of indomie brand of noodles for instance. They studied customers appetite to the extent of producing what they described as " Hungry man Size " and later another product they referred to as " Belleful ". All of these product ideas are solving a particular problem for mankind and the producers or inventors are popular, respected and wealthy.

In Nigeria for instance , there are lots of problems that are yearning for solutions. There are the problems of accommodation, transportation, electricity , water provision and what have you ? The government has not been able to meet the needs and yearnings of the people in the provision of some of these amenities. Those who invented the solar powered technology for instance have been providing alternative solutions for instance to the electricity challenges. 

More solutions are still needed in this regard. You too can sit down and reflect deeply about using your expertise and professional acumen to solve a particular problem . In  solving problems of the world,  we will invariably increase wealth and banish poverty in all ramification. 

So, I put it to you, while you are trying to actualise your dream in the new year of becoming an entrepreneur , you should stop to think about being a solution provider order than being just a mere entrepreneur. This is my special charge to you in the new year. 

Waheed Ogunjobi ,a Public Affairs analyst can be reached on 08035004741 or waheedogunjobi@gmail.com.


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