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Monday, October 2, 2023

First elected Black person in Canada’s municipality advises Tinubu to fix Nigeria

A Nigerian, who is the first Black person to be elected in the Regional Municipality of Wood Buffalo, Alberta in Canada, Funke Banjoko, has appealed to President Bola Tinubu to help fix Nigeria.

Banjoko, who also counselled fellow Nigerians on the country’s 63rd independence anniversary, assured them that the restoration of the country is possible.

The elected official, who is the Councilor representing Ward One in the municipality, in her patriotic message entitled “Proudly Nigerian Canadian” expressed happy independence to Nigerians.

“So, I feel for the President and I will say that he doesn’t have the easiest job but someone has to do it.  We are actually expectant this time. This is the time to actually look at the situation, think and let’s be humble about it.  So, President Tinubu should help us fix Nigeria,” she stressed.

She further explained: “There is a broken system that needs to be fixed now.  The first thing is to recognise the fact that there is a problem.  The whole world is looking up to Nigeria, there is no way that Nigeria is not mentioned across the globe.  And when they mentioned Nigeria, they know there is excellence attached. 

“Nigeria has gained so much respect worldwide; we need to be able to go home.  They need to do us that honour, and give us solution to our problems.  I know it is not going to be soft landing, but I am happy that we have now come to the realisation to take a break from celebration and rethink, restrategize and let us focus on rebuilding and we have to face the fears of insecurity.”

Banjoko, who scored the highest vote in the entire last municipality election, also maintained that she recognised the fact that Tinubu does not have the easiest job “but unfortunately, we are now expectant; we have got to that point.  It is not only the people back at home, it is all of us.”

“So, it is not the easiest job,” the first Black female councillor said, adding “but I am happy we went to take a break this year to actually reassess our situation and have a rethink not only those in Nigeria but all of us.”

She, however, queried: “Is this the Nigeria that Awolowo, Zik and co fought for?  Where is that Nigeria?”

Banjoko further stated: “That’s what we are looking for.  It is not the same Nigeria that these men of high standard, and any standard in the world, fought for and 63 years after we can’t progress.  In fact, if they take us to the beginning it would have been better.”

She declared: “It’s certainly challenging to declare any celebration.  I/we hope the men and women on the driver’s seat will take a moment to reflect, rethink, and strategize.”

“Restoration is possible.  God bless the federal republic of Nigeria,” the Councillor, further said, adding: “God bless us all.”

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