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Wednesday, December 18, 2019

Challenges of Property Investments In Nigeria

By  Ikenna Nwosu

Two major challenges facing property investors in the Nigerian market are-

1. Security of investment.
2. Ease of disposing the asset.

Investing long term in real estate may require one to acquire low budget land investments,  wait for the property to appreciate in value before selling it. 

*The questions always come up: will the property be secured and still be there after the waiting period and how quickly can it be sold?*

If you acquire property investments from a reputable real estate company through an independent professional Realtor, your investment will be secured. The Realtor is independent and so not obligated to deal with any particular developer or property.  

When you are ready to sell or want to develop the property, your Realtor can be very helpful. Some real estate developers have buy back land investment offers where you have the option to sell back to the developer at agreed return on investment in as quickly as 12 months.

As you close out on 2019, plan for 2020 and hopefully, up to 2030, understand that every business venture has its challenges.* Notwithstanding. business investment is a proven vehicle for wealth maximization. 

Seasons greetings!

Ikenna Nwosu 
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