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Saturday, December 21, 2019

Nigerians should intensify the promotion of arts and culture - Taiwo Elesemeta

Taiwo Oguntade a.k.a Elesemeta based in Abeokuta, the Ogun State capital is one of the happening guys and big boys  in the nation's musical landscape, with his Juju and highlife brand of music. 

Taiwo' s music has transversed  the African  continent and beyond , having   played in Europe, America and Canada among others.

 In this encounter with The Business Package, Oguntade called on Nigerians to intensity the  promotion of arts and culture, just as he urgerd the youths to be more focused and dedicated to their work and callings . Excerpts: 

Q: Taiwo Elesemeta is today a brand name in the musical industry  in Ogun State and beyond , would you let us have a peep into this personality and your brand of music ?

A: My real name is taiwo oguntade, Chairman Big Tee Band.The Elesemeta is just a Niick name. And it is about my work.  What I mean by my work is the live play we used to have I mean the CD,so the Cd is Eseketa that used to be everywhere before me. I played high life and Juju music.

Q: Have you launched an album since you started off as a musician ? 

A:  I have launched four albums and I am  launching the fifth  one by next year April by God's grace 

Q: Would you love to share your experiences staging musical show abroad ?

A: I used to stage  musical shows abroad and it is always very interesting with my fans. I have  played in London, america and canada, with encouraging turn up.

Q: What is music to you ?

A: Music to me is  the food of life.

Q: How do you draw your inspiration ? 

A: I  draw my inspiration when seeing things, people with different characters.

Q: What  efforts are you putting in to rebrand your brand of music and what has changed in the musical industry today compared to what was obtuanable in the past ?

A: The efforts I  am making in rebranding my type of music is just to move with what's in vogue. I mean trend.

Q: Who are your biggest fans ,home and abroad ?

A: My biggest fans are home and abroad and they are numerous.

Q:  Your assessment of the Nigerian music industry ?

A: Nigerian music is moving on seriously now and cannot be compared with what's happening in the olden days it's quite different now with different talents.

Q:  Your advice to the youths .

A: My advice to the youth is for them to be more focused and know what they are doing and wait for their time.

Q: Your message to Nigerians.

A: My advice to nigerians is  to keep on helping us to promote arts and culture.

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