Tuesday, January 28, 2020


Governor Ganduje of Kano State has re appointed Anthony Oneya as the Senior Special Assistant (SSA) to the Governor on Lagos Affairs.
Anthony, the first son of Brig General Dominic Oneya (rtd), one time Military Administrator of Kano and Benue states respectively, was appointed into the same position by Governor Ganduje during his first tenure as the Governor of Kano state.
The office of the SSA  to the Governor was created at the heel of the first ever Lagos – Kano Economic Summit, held in Lagos in 2018. The young Oneya heads this role in Lagos to facilitate economic co operations and investments between Kano and Lagos States. His roles as the SSA Lagos Affairs include facilitating investment for small businesses and large corporations that are interested in investing in Kano state and vice visa. In addition to this, he facilitates economic co operations between the two states.
One of the highlights of Hon. Anthony Oneya the SSA to the Kano State Governor on Lagos Affairs when he was first appointed in 2018, was his initiating and successfully organizing the first Arewa Day in Agege, Lagos, in January 2019. The Arewa Festival was the gathering of all the indigenes of Kano state in Lagos, and by extension, all the representatives of the Northern states residing in Lagos. It was a celebration of the rich culture of Northern Nigeria and to say “thank you” to Lagosians, their host. It was the first of its kind and was followed by an Awards ceremony where notable Arewa persons were presented with Awards such as Balarabe Musa of Kaduna and a host of others.
The Senior Special Assistant to the Governor of Kano State, has since this initiative continued to promote the cultural heritage of the Kano people and by extention Arewa communities in Lagos State.
In recognition of the 2018 partnership agreement signed at the Lagos Kano Summit Economic and Investment Summit, Hon. Anthony Oneya is in talks with partners to host the first Innovate Kano program. A project that will see 150 young entrepreneurs from Kano State visit Lagos for 2 months and under study the business processes that make the Mega City work and rated one of the greatest economic centres of the African Economy and return back to Kano with a focus of building her economy and creating markets for partner businesses in and outside the State. 
No State in the country has initiated such a process for economic growth and partnership before by appointing an economic ambassador for the interest of its citizens and development partnerships outside its borders. 
Hon. Anthony Oneya holds a degree in Economics from the University of Abuja and an MSc in International Trade from the Robert Gordon University, Aberdeen.
He is also an Ex-boy of the Nigerian Military School Zaria. 

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