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Tuesday, January 7, 2020

Government is doing nothing to encourage budding writers , Moyinoluwa, a youth corper who started writing at age 8.

In spite of the dwindling reading culture among the generality of the people, especially  the youths, Moyinoluwa Ajayi Precious , a graduate of Mass Communication from Babcock University, ilishan ,Ogun State has found her muse writing novels , drama and others with over five hundred anthologies of contemporary ideologies. She is a published author.

 In this encounter with The Business Package, Moyinoluwa takes us on a the journey of her writing career which according to her started at the tender age of  eight years.  

Moyinoluwa is not too pleased about the little or no attention government and concerned authorities are paying  to the development of writing skills especially in the younger ones and she expressed her consternation in this interview . Excerpts. 


TBP : As a Novelist and Playwright, and anthologist ,you started writing at age 8, how did you come about writing ?

A: My parents are teachers, and our house is filled with books, and we also have a library. When I was young, my dad would force my sister and I to grab a book, each day to read. I wasn't familiar with stories, until I saw other kids reading them. Then I told my dad to get me some. I started going through the tales, and they were interesting. Then I thought of sketching my own skeleton of fictional tales, and adding good ideas to the bones, to make it readable. Through this, writing became my passion. 

 TBP: Does it run in the garage family ? 

A: Yes, writing runs in my family. My dad is a great reader, which led him to author a book some years back. My sister is also a writer, a good one at it. 

TBP: How many books have you authoured ?

A: I have authored two novels

TBP:  How do you get your muse or  inspiration ? 

A: I get my muse and inspiration through books, movies, testimonies, folklores, but mostly, my imagination. When you think of something outside your norm. Something that probably must have happened in the past but try to recreate it using current happenings. There are several ways ideas can come into your subconsciousness and all of a sudden you're becoming conscious

TBP: What are the main theme in your writing ? 

A: Basically, I do not have a main theme. I write whatever comes to my head. But let me say my main theme is sorrow/regret since I mostly write about myself.

TBP: What is writing to you ? 

A: To me, writing is a passion. A passion that I cannot live without. Even when I am walking, I am thinking of what to write.

TBP: What course did you study and how does it influence your writing ? 

A: I studied Mass communication. Well, I remember when I was thrown in Art class, my dad was sad. He had already gotten me a biology textbook, even chemistry and the rest. I felt bad actually, but my cousin told me one thing I will never forget, "Moyin, do you know you ain't destined to be in Science class. You write, and you can't do without reading novels, art class is suitable for you, that is where you'll shine". I didnt believe her until I got admitted, and I was given mass communication. I went to a public secondary school, trust me, I couldn't speak good English. Even in my write-ups, I had so much errors. Everything changed when I was in my 300level. Mass communication has brought me to limelight, and letting me discover those talents I never knew I had. Before, i was never good at writing plays. Infact i used to run away fom it, but i embraced it when we were told to write a public service announcement in my 400 level. I ended up writing it for almost everyone in my department and also, I became a poet when I was in my 100 level. So mass communication has helped me to develop my skills and talents and do what i am doing better

TBP:  What would you regard as your greatest accomplishment or attainment in writing ? 

A: My greatest accomplishment in writing was when I got my books published. It was a dream come true. I had nurtured this dream since I was in JSS1, after reading a book which was authored by a 16 year old girl

TBP: Do you think writing is profitable ? 

A: Writing is profitable, but do not let it get to your head. People no longer read

TBP: Have you won any Laurel ? 

A: I have not won a Laurel, I am aspiring to. But I won an award while in school, (Babcock university MCSA writer/blogger of the year award) in 2018

TBP:  Are you worried about the poor reading culture among your peers ? 

A: I am less worried about that. But the more you read, the better-equipped you're to tackle any challenge you'll ever face.

TBP: What is the next level you are planning to go in writing ? 

A: I would love to keep publishing my books, I would love to watch them in theatrical performances

TBP: Do you think the Nigerian society or government encourages writers like you ? 
A: Nigerian government is doing nothing to encourage writers. We're all concerned about innovations, how to make technologies. I have never seen a program both radio or television where young writers are being invited to speak or share their ideas. When thses writers have no recognition or sponsorship, they quit writing. A Nigerian writer who wants to live only on what his writings bring for him will die in poverty, because his writings will never bring enough for him to exist, writes GREGORY AUSTIN NWAKUNOR, Arts and Culture Editor. So if you're a writer, you have to survive on your own. And writers are not appreciated until they get famous

TBP : Your advice to the youths ?

A: Start to think about your interest, and if you are not clear then think more and more and don’t settle before that and finally make it as your career. Make your own rule, don’t follow the societal  rule blindly..

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