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Sunday, February 16, 2020

Crescent Varsity Proprietor restates commitment to "Academic Plus" at 15th matriculation VC admits 494,warns against cultism,drugs abuse

By Idris Katib

The Founder and Proprietor of Crescent University, Abeokuta, His Excellency Judge Bola Ajibola has once again emphasized the commitment of the institution, which prides itself as Citadel of Academic and Moral Excellence, to the "academic plus vision" for which the university was established fifteen years ago.

Judge Ajibola,a former judge at the International Court of Justice and one-time Attorney-General/ Justice Minister in Nigeria, stated this during the 15th Matriculation Ceremony of the university where 494 students matriculated for the 2019/2020 academic session, representing College of Information and Communication Technology (CICOT),College of Natural and Applied Sciences((CONAS), College of Arts,Social and Management Sciences(CASMAS),Bola Ajibola College of Law(BACOLAW) and College of Environmental Sciences (COES) respectively.

Counselling the fresh students to tow the line of honour and moral excellence like him, he said "for the past fifteen years of our existence as a model institution of learning, our products have been great in academics and excellent in character", adding that " this is premised on our mission to build a morally upright society through our products who are our ambassadors." 

Judge Ajibola stressed that it was not enough to be academically brilliant at Crescent University but also maintain a good conduct, concluding that "here, we call it Academic Plus."

Admitting the students, the Vice Chancellor, Prof. Ibraheem Gbajabiamila recalled that for the past decade and half, female products of the institution had always performed better than their male counterparts as they usually hit the ground running from their first day on campus,adding that there were usually more female students in the library than males.

Challenging the fresh male students, Gbajabiamila wondered if they could beat the 15-year record, while also stressing that female students' excellent performances remained global phenomenon.

He charged students to be good citizens of their States of origin,Nigeria and the global community at large, he urged them to "make the best use of the golden opportunity presented by your admission into Crescent University, Abeokuta by saying no to cultism, drug abuse,violence and examination malpractice" as these vices could send them away from the university.

Gbajabiamila challenged the new students that their level of commitment to academic work would determine the degree of their performance in their examinations,urging them "not to allow any extraneous or peer group influence to distract your attention from academic work.".

(Additional reports by Zainab Suleiman)

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