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Friday, February 14, 2020

Leo6 RE Academy Holds Renewable Energy Workshop (REW 2020)

Power is a pecuniary problem not only in the African continent but also in Nigeria. Lack of basic electricity has denied lots of economic development and growth individually and as a country.

Renewable Energy (RE) is an antidote to the twin problem of unemployment and electricity. It has an instant multiplier effect on the economy and is capable of providing lots of jobs directly and indirectly. According to International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA), solar, hydro, wind and other sources of energy keep about 9.2 million people employed.

The renewable energy industry is growing rapidly, and a renewable energy career path starts with training.

Leo6 RE Academy is organizing a Renewable Energy Workshop (REW 2020) to train and equip a renewable energy workforce. Those expected include people interested in knowing about renewable energy,  desire to be self-employed or have an alternative source of income, want to be an Installer of Inverter and Solar System and want to start an RE business

Opportunities and careers in Renewable Energy include Grid Designers and engineers, Installers and technicians, Construction and project managers. Others are manufacturing, product development, and technical support, project developers and finance, sales and marketing among others.

With simplified teaching techniques, rich training content and 100% practical training, participants will be become an expert in Solar System design and installation. You don't need any prior knowledge.

Who can participate?
NYSC members
Electrical Engineers/Contractors
Public/Civil Servants
Self-employed / Artisans
If you seek for alternative source of income

Register NOW for Renewable Energy Workshop (REW 2020) and join the next STREAM while seats are still available.

 *==> [New] Flexible Training Days*
*==> [New] 3 Locations*
*==> [New] Free T-Shirt*
*==> [New] Wind Energy Module*
*==> Seasoned Facilitators and Partners*

Register NOW @ http://www.tinyurl.com/REW2020

Upon completion of the training, participants will be able to:

*Install Power Inverter and Solar Systems
*Set-up a Renewable Energy Business
*Enlisted in a network of Energy Experts
* Issued Certificate of Participation
* Free T-Shirt

Call 08035640336, 08080699426 or email: reacademy@leo6technologies.com.ng, info@leo6technologies.com.ng

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