Olufela, a Corps Member with OGBC floats Dry Cleaning outfit in Abeokuta. - THE BUSINESS PACKAGE


Sunday, February 2, 2020

Olufela, a Corps Member with OGBC floats Dry Cleaning outfit in Abeokuta.

After NYSC what next is usually a dreaded statement that  most serving corps members are confronted with,  which sometimes sent jitters down  their spines as most of them have not really figured out what to do and how to run their lives after the mandatory National Youth Service Corps. 

While majority of corps members rely solely on the monthly stipends received from the Federal. Government and most look forward to entering the labour market without a plan B especially with the recent increase of the monthly allowances to N33,000, a corps Member, serving with the Ogun- State Broadcasting Corporation (OGBC) Ahmed Sheriff Fela of Batch C Stream 1  has chosen a path of enterpreneurship by establishing a modern dry cleaning outfit which he runs simoutaneously with his Primary Assignment .

With this feat, Olufela a native of Kogi state has shown that after the service year, he would not seat idle  and his is a good example to others to pick up the gauntlet of their life without looking up to the government for the job that might remain elusive .

The Business Package has a short encounter with him. 



TBP: What is the motivation for setting up this business ? .

A: I was motivated with the high increase of unemployment in the country. And right from my childhood I had a resolve  to be self employed, that I will not work for someone, people will rather work for me.

TBP: Have you being doing something of such while in school ?

A: No, I pick up the idea after school.

TBP:  How do you manage to provide the service alongside your primary assignment? 

A: My primary assignment is very much paramount to me. That is the reason why I employ someone that will be working for me so as not to affect the job definition. 

TBP: Who are your customers ? 

A: The general public.

TBP:  What are the plans you have for expansion ? 

A: As time goes on I plan to have a more befitting location ; to open other branches with more standards, and quality working materials.

TBP:  Will you be needing Government assistance to expand the business ? 

A: Yes. I need government assistance to finance the business and also in term of patronage.

TBP: How did you source money for this venture ? 

A: I took a credit direct loan powered by FCMB. It was a loan giving to serving corps members in the state to finance their businesses and it will be deducted from my  monthly allowance.

TBP: What form of assistance do you need ? 
A: I need assistance in terms of financial assistance for expansion and patronage to grow the business.

TBP: What are the facilities you have and those you still require ? 

A:Actually,  I have put in place lots of facilities but I need more of these  facilities such as Washing machine (Automatic)
Industrial Pressing Iro, a running tap, generator etc.

9. After NYSC, what are your plans ? 

A: I plan to fall back fully on my business here in Abeokuta.

TBP:  Your advice to other youths and Corps members ?

A: You see, I will advice  others out there to be focused and make use of any opportunity that come their way. Most especially the corp members, I will advice them to make good use of the opportunity they have on the increments of the monthly allowance by saving part of the money, so as to start up something with it after NYSC. I believe most of us might have taken part is one SAED (Skill Acquisition and Entrepreneurship Development) or the other while in camp. So with little they saved, they can start up a business with it because it is not everybody that will get a white collar job

TBP: Who is Olufela ?

A: My name is  Ahmed Sherif Fela, an indigen of Iyamoye, Ijumu Local Government area  of Kogi State. I am a graduate of Mass Communication from the Federal Polytechnic Offa. I am a serving Corps Member  with the Ogun State Broadcasting Corporation, (OGBC) Abeokuta. I am adventurous, caring,
honest, sometimes at some placed shy. I am single. And, I am the CEO of Olufela Clean-Care, located in the capital city of  Ogun, State- ABEOKUTA
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  1. Everyone needs not to look for white collar jobs , umm I'm a corper am into photography if you have interest we can organise a training session thanks.

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