Friday, March 27, 2020

Some Lessons from COVID-19

By Idris Katib

The pandemic called Coronavirus has brought the world to its knees.It has taught the world so many lessons in sober reflection.Some of the lessons the novel disease has taught the world include: 

# That cleanliness is key in healthy living as cleanliness is universally believed to be next to Godliness.

# It has taught humanity that all the wealth in this world is vanity.When the Coronavirus pandemic broke out, nations began to lock down in perpetual fear.

# Everyone now lives in fear although with some ray of hope in the Sovereign Creator. After the word COVID-19 itself and associated expressions like "wash your hands", " stay safe", "self-isolate", " quarantine ", "stay at home", the words " pray" and "prayer" become more prevalent on the lips of many.

# Coronavirus disease has reminded us across all races that humanity is the same irrespective of our country, education and religion.After all, the elite and the political class cannot jet out of their countries while those abroad have been shut out.

# The pandemic has awakened some country leaders to now seem conscious and passionate about the healthcare of their citizens. Maybe this time round, some African countries will be wiser to invest at least 25% of their annual budgetary allocations to health as recommended by the World Health Organization (WHO).

# The situation has taught the haves to be more philanthropic in donating part of their wealth to support the needy.

# The social distancing brought about by the pandemic has also painfully taught humanity to be appreciate of their family, friends and people around them.

# Life is most precious. Dreams and other accomplishments follow. Without life, dreams are dead.

# If it pleases God to wipe off the entire creation, only a pandemic such as COVID-19 is enough to humble all that exists but the Almighty has only signalled to humanity that He is in control.

The right direction: 

We have washed our hands and we have continuously sanitised them.We are also maintaining social distancing to hopefully end this pandemic very soon.

But we raise our hands up to You beseeching You, Oh Lord, to save and liberate us from this novel pandemic. Our knowledge, power, wealth, technology and positions have failed us.We submit in prostration to Your Sovereignty, Oh Lord.

 A scholar recently wrote "Oh Lord! This COVID-19 pandemic is one of Your soldiers, it affects whoever You want and You give it to whoever You want.

 " Oh Lord! Banish this epidemic from us, from our homes, from our families, from our spouses, from our lands, from our countries and our continents, for You are the Most Compassionate and Most Merciful."

* Katib wrote from Crescent University, Abeokuta,Nigeria and can be reached via

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