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Friday, April 3, 2020

Covid-19 Poem: PESTILENCE ,By Folorunsho Fatai Adisa

From China came the illness
It has bestridden us with its unpleasantness 
To humanity, it is sheer wickedness.

To the wealthy, it is a lockdown 
To the needy, it is a knockdown 
Pitiless Corona: everywhere is shutdown.

Share some relief materials with your neighbor 
It is a favour, for a lifetime, they’ll always harbour.

Maintain cleanliness
It is next to Godliness
It’ll help contain this illness.

Obey government directives
COVID-19 is real: Don’t say it is primitive 
And that you have resistance that is native.

Obey the laws of lockdown
May we not get knockdown

Pray in this time of pestilence
For the Almighty’s benevolence...

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