Tuesday, April 7, 2020


I heard Ijebu people don't joke with a proverb which when interpreted means

 " If you don't have yourself; you cannot claim you have people".(Manerare ko fo.oneyan)

What I derived from that simple proverb is that ; we must take up our matters by ourselves as a people.

We have now realised that, we need to take up our issues personally before the World can intervene.

We wilfully or ignorantly elected incompetent people at all levels and we take abnormal things to be normal.Suffering and crying while the oppressors are smiling .

No local government bothers about drainages.They are blocked almost everywhere even in the so called GRA's.

I feel so sorry for myself and my people when I drive on our roads.

One day; I wept in the night over the deplorable state of Ijebu Ode Epe Road between Ogun and Lagos State.

Many people from Eastern Part of Nigeria and South South heading to Lekki in Lagos frequently use that road. A Federal road.

It appears, we are used to our poor condition. 

I observed that; Politicians who failed to do that which is right still oppress the people that are depressed and you see crowds jubilating and singing songs of praises when these guys show up before election.

I do see a Governor in the east address his people as if he personally owns the resources he uses to do the very few roads or infrastructure he commissions from time to time...Arrogance of tyrants.

Emperors leading the people.

Our Universities are now shadows of what we use to know.

Hospitals do not have what a small clinic has in developed nations.

Millions of youths have no jobs.

Only projects that are huge for them to steal money are considered .

Small roads, drainages and community hospitals are not funded properly.

Children out of Schools in the North are in millions yet the north Pride itself have led Nigeria more than any region.Misrule one can call that if the truth must be told anyway.How can you have these number of.uneducated and beggars and yet your elites are so rich.Lamido Sanusi wondered ab oooi it this before he was removed as emir of Kano.

Those kids begging around signify  danger looming as we breed criminals that will become terrorist at the end of the day.

Politicians have discovered that our Universities does not match up to world standard and so their children don't  study here anymore.Thanks to our stolen resource .For those who worked for.their money...I have no.problem..You can send.your kids anywhere you like but those who destroyed our education has no moral ground  to do so.

 Nigeria political office has become  place to steal your own and move your wealth abroad.

What a Nation?

The Lessons and steps to take in 2022 before  2023 election.

1. Vote Young Vibrant and  Educated people into offices.

2. Vote people that have work or.busonesses  they can fall back to

3. Ask questions about their plans on roads, rail, airways, education, health care, security and employment.

4.Let politicians write what they intend to do for every ward and sign them with time line.We can then take them up if they fail.

5. Set up people to monitor their wealth while in office.

6. Leaders must speak to the people every month and every quarter.How can you lead without talking to your people.You must brief them regularly. That is called Accountability.

7. The people must verify the education & competence   of candidates before  voting them. How can you have leaders with forged Certificates from.University they never attended.People  are heartless.

8.Each State must be independent as it is expected in a true Federalism. 

9. Anyone who share rice and tiny items before election should be rejected during campaign and buying of votes should be rejected as this will make them steal to recoup their investments.

10.Youths must not yield their lives to be used for.violence.Ask them to bring their children along with you to hold guns and cutlasses .They hate you. Do you understand.? They hate you.If not; they will not use you for violence and then when it comes to appointments; they bring their sons and daughters from.abroad.

In any case; you are.not allowed to have good education and as such; you also know that you are not qualified.

I read about one Governor in Nigeria who made his son the secretary of COVID 19 committee... Heeheeheee. 
I laugh in Egba Language.

What nonsense.?.Nobody is qualified and competent among your commissioners? Drama everywhere.!!!!

11. Let us do door to door re-orienation of our people . How can you be electing a man that should retire to lead the country or state.?

In a particular state in Nigeria; one sitting governor was seen collecting bundles of foreign currency and putting same in his pocket.The contractor leaked the video and yet he won a second term.His party said the video is manipulated. What a nation.

How can you become a billionaire by merely serving in Public office. People suddenly become private jets owners just because they were once in public office.
For those in business ..I have no problem but as for you whose worth and balance sheet people know before..How do you feel fine and comfortable showing off billions after serving the nation or your state.? 

Preachers should now play active role in.educating their members.When the righteous rule, the people rejoice.Vote in righteous people.nex election.

12. We need  government and leaders  that MUST do the following ; 

 a. Build hospitals and equip them.

b. Refurbish our Schools.

c. Create jobs for our youths.

d. Construct many rail lines.

e.Set up easy and  Proper Bus Transport system like the ones in London.

f.Reconstruct our airports.I feel sad to see the comedy in the so called repairs and Minister of aviation can sleep at night ? Habaaa.!!!

g.Train and retrain customs people.  The way they treat passengers make me laugh in sorrow.One man will be moving up and down at arrival..You go there ..go here ..adding no value to delivery of service.

Greetings aimed at extortion are common.

h.Train our police.The kind of people serving there sometimes shows the rot in the nation. Employ more graduates. Train them.These guys shooting as they like over simple conversation shows that we are in banana republic.

i.Ensure an independent Judiciary that can support the provisions of Section 13 of our Constitution and the entire Chapter 2 from section 14.

k. Have a proper data base of all citizens.Merge BVN data with Telecom data as well as National Population Commission.Know what we all do, where we live and all essential details about us.

With that you can fight insecurity and corruption. 

i.Do proper diversification of the economy. Invest in agriculture.Invest in Technical Education.Invest in mining. 

j.Set up a 5 years plan ..Operation no untar roads .Declare a state of emergency on our roads.How do you go home to sleep as a leader when you see pot holes on the high ways.? Sometines even right in front of Government owned properties; you see terrible state of the roads.

k.Declare a state of emergency on.Power.Electricity drives most  innovations .Power must be available to the people .

l. Restructure Nigeria . Change National Assembly to a single one.We can increase the Senators to 2 per senatorial district. Pay them like Federal Permanent Secretary and. Nothing more.No Pension and no Severance Package.In fact N1m total pay per month is okay.

Each Federating Units must be independent.Cancel all the Unitary system inherited from.the Military.

Anyone who is not thinking along these lines and has no  ability to Express what he has in mind MUST not be voted for.

Many people are at home without income and bills are mounting up and yet there is no clear plans on how to help.the people except for Humanitarian minister sharing N1.6b cash in Kano or some parts of the north... Is that how to help people.?

Sharing cash? .No one is talking about gas supply to homes, electricity rebates, water supply and medical supports, School fees waiver  and so on after COVID 19.

We are living like people in the jungle in 21 Century.

We all must take our destiny in our hands .

Dr. Gbenga Adeoye lives in Nigeria.He holds a PhD in Management Accounting. He is a Fellow of the Institute of Chartered of Accountants of Nigeria, A Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Taxation of Nigeria, A Fellow of the Chartered Institutes of Management Consultants, He is an Aribitrator of UK and Nigeria, He holds a Diploma in Criminology and Security Studies.

He is a Public Speaker on Good Governance, Leadership and  Economic Policy 

He is the Managing Partner of Gbenga Adeoye & Co.( Chartered Accountants)

He can be reached on gbengaglobal@gmail.com or  Twitter handle @ GACgbenga.

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