Tuesday, April 28, 2020


Tope Adaramola .

A cross session of insurance operators have expressed their excitement about the broadcast of President Mohammadu Buhari on covid 19 in which he applauded the insurance industry for its role in helping to combat the pandemic in the country.

In the national broadcast aired on several electronic media, the President, among other things, applauded the insurance industry for providing free insurance covers for 5,000 health workers to motivate them to combat the pandemic.

"We have also procured insurance covers for 5,000 frontline health workers and at this point I have to commend the insurance sector in achieving this within a short time" Buhari said.

In her comments, the President of the Nigerian Council of Registered Insurance Brokers, Dr (Mrs) Bola Onigbogi stated that the statement was a tonic for the insurance industry to do more in the fight against the dreaded disease. 

She disclosed that aside from the covers the industry would also soon be coming up with more cohesive support as a responsive sector of the economy, to assist government handle the pandemic and succour the victims. 

Also, the Chairman of the Nigerian Insurers Association, Mr Tope smart, said the President's speech was an acknowledgement of the crucial roles played by the industry in the pandemic and that it was the first time that the industry would be so highly and deservedly recognized at the highest level of governance.
He promised that the industry would continue to partner with the government to foster enduring economic development in the country. 

Some other operators have also taken  to social media pages to acknowledge and express joy for the president's statements on the industry, with a consensus of opinions that the industry had continue to support national economic development initiatives and that government should take advantage of the pandemic to reflect on the roles that the industry could play in national economic recovery as being done in other climes.

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