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In the  Christendom/Spiritual  as well as in the secular world, Pride may  well be a leader's worst enemy causing downfall of great many.  Pride is very  dangerous to  unwary leaders and very  subversive in a way it crept into one's life. It could be couched in pious term clinging tenaciously to people. It shows up in variety of disguises some obvious or  subtle in others but all are lethal to ones   effectiveness.
 Pride is an offensive trait  in secular leaders but  even more replusive in spiritual leadership. It's  pride that makes  one to take credit not only for  what  people did but also  for what  God has accomplished making one to act as  if God is   irrelevant in the  scheme of things. Attributing   collective success to one's dynamic personality , compelling  vission, intelligentsia propensity   and sagacity   coupled with   humongous   wealth  disposition  -  presuming upon the  glory   and  sovereignty    of God forgetting  God is a humbler. Nebuchadnezzer was  possessed of  bloated and  over inflated ego but has God to contend with. Unknown to the proud that "The  little that the  humble has is better than the riches of many wicked "     No matter  one's pedigree, business acumen or widespread popularity God  only is the  ultimate and  supreme. 
It  caught  my fancy on a   forum  the  various  salaries and  emoluments of  University  Professors   with  all  inward and  outward intellect. While  one with  only  a  mere  professional  certificate (C&G) not even  a diploma is grossing  millions  monthly  with  retinue of PHD holders and others  well and  more   horned graduates      under - that is the  supremecy of God  over  man.    Promotion comes  from God. (Ps 75:6-7, Ps 127 :1-2)
  The  great writer Chinua Achebe however  said. -- "Those whose  palm kernels  were   cracked for them by a benevolent spirit must not  forget to be humble. " 
 In  the spiritual tenet , Pride  is opposite of  Brokenness  while   God  resist the proud but gives more grace to the humble. Jm4:6. 
- Unruly  act and  behaviour as a result of heart not renewed. Ecc 8:11.
-- Heart operating as treasury of evil. Matt 12:35  -- 
-- Rubbishing  and denigrating   the  Pre-fix  of God's calling, using  it to settle  scores - can you  deceive  or  stop God in any way? 
--  Spiritual  leaders must Shatter  self -will  giving way for the  release of  Holy Spirit  Jh.5 :30, Lk22:4,  Jh6:38
-- A genuine (Man  of God ) believer must  allow  his/her hurts and pains  to die in Christ rather than  making  case for self  in people's  court. only  to curry  human  favour. 
  PREJUDICE  - This causes  a  man to form an opinion or conclusion of self  without  facts of how he is perceived by others  refusing to consider anything which does not support his  thinking , this is a complete barrier to the attainment of knowledge  for spiritual  self atonement with  God   in particular.
  Many  a millionaire  would  doubtless be willing  to barter their  riches for the  literary  success of the  Nobel laureate    Professor Wole  Soyinka or spiritual success of Daddy  E.O. Adeboye and consider it a good  bargain.  Exceptional  moral  success is rarely accompanied with  riches   yet financial success can't in anyway  compared with it's Greatness and Grandeur. 
  In life , moral success like  fixed mathematics principles will not obliviate it's stance for mediocrity  as in pride, lack of integrity and  over bloated ego. 


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