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Wednesday, June 10, 2020

Ogun FOMWAN tasks media organisations on greater awareness against rape , violence against women

The Federation of Muslim Women's Associations in Nigeria  (FOMWAN) has called on media organisations in Nigeria to continue to support awareness creation among the public on the physical and psychological effect of rape on the victims and how  this creates a highly immoral society.

This is coming on the heels of incessant cases of rape in the Nigerian society which has led to renewed agitation and advocacy from different quarters on the need to protect the girl child and eliminate all forms of violence against women.

The Association contends that rape in whatever form negates the teaching of the world's major religions which preach chastity as an essential requirement for a morally upright family, community and nation.

The Association in a statement personally signed by its National Amirah , Hajiya Halima Jibril titled " Muslim Women concern about Rape " , wants media organisations to "include in their programmes educative talks that discourage the youths against rape and amplify the voice of victims, so that the  culture of silence and complacent on rape can be disregarded"

The statement reads in part " the general public is yet to fully understand the intent and provisions of the  Violenec Against Persons Protection (VAPP) act. We look up to the media organisations in their roles as educators to further enlighten the public to fully understand the import of domestication and implementation of the VAPP act".

It charges media organisations to work with the government to institute practical mechanism that will make for better protection for girls and women and make  our communities , schools , higher institutions safe and secure for girl/ women.

FOMWAN further implored media organisations to work with the government to take a holistic look at the security apparatus in each state with a view to effectively curtail rape, armed banditry, kidnapping, armed robbery , cultism and gang rape.

It calls on other stakeholders to advocate with the relevant institutions to ensure that perpetrators are brought to book and justice is served, while communities must work towards breaking the culture of silence and report such cases on the violation.

In conclusion, FOMWAN's  umbrella body wants media organisations as watchdog of the society to set the agenda that will restore our cultural  values that promotes the dignity of the woman and  depicts rape as inimical to society , harmony , barbaric, animalistic and retrogressive .

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