Wednesday, June 3, 2020


.By: Gbenga Adeoye 

I personally do not agree with the way blacks are being treated in America and in Europe generally. I had a taste of it few years ago with my family on our way to Nigeria after checking in with Boarden Pass & we were told the security gate is closed & we went through pains & trauma to get another airline to leave that day at high cost but despite that  I have come to realise that we need to stop and think a little about our ways as Africans.

1. One day, I spoke to a Paramount Ruler in Nigeria about Security all over the World and why certain persons are easily stopped and questioned by the Police because of their status, appearance and type of car.

2. He said to me that most times, based on training and experience; Police found out that the people that dress decently, drive carefully, speak politely and exhibits decorum in all conversations have been found 8 out of 10 to be men and women of character without anything to arrest them for and the end of the conversation normally end with smiles from police and those categories of people.Sometimes ending with sorry for taking your time and the gentle man will say, not to worry, you are doing your job.Have a great day and drive safely with a wave of hand from the Police.

Even in Nigeria, you still find these decent guys who will treat you like that.

3.On the other hand; people who appear very rough, driving funny cars, moving with earings and tattoos all over their bodies and smelling alcohol and drugs with unkept hair most times; 8 out of 10 have been found to have criminal records or right on the spot found with stuffs that points to crime.

4.We both concluded, that there is a way your lifestyle and conduct either command respect or give you away for questioning and subsequent arrest.

5. Therefore, I do not  think it is proper to begin to loot shops  simply because you are protesting just as I feel strongly that the Police that Killed George Floyd err and acted unprofessionally.

6.The other angle to this is that the weapon of Peace is Peace itself. When there is crisis in a nation, the leader must adopt all peaceful tacticts to calm the people down.

7. As an African man; I grew up in the midst of elders who taught us proverbs and speak with words full of wisdom and one of the things I learnt growing up is that even saying sorry has Positive tone and negative tone.

You may say sorry to create more pains and your sorry may bring relief depending on how you say it.

8.I also read in the bible that a gentle answer turns away wrath but grievous words stirs up anger.(Proverb 15:1)

9.I therefore Counsel American Government led by Donald Trump to speak softly on this  matter, appeal for calm and make a promise backed by subsequent actions and body language that such killings and harrasment of Black Americans will not occur again.The danger of using force to achieve Peace  in this century where Smarts Phones and Social Media makes information spread in a minute is that, It could lead to civil unrest and breakdown of Law and Order...Warlike situation is looming if care is not taken.

More harm may be done than the good intended by use of force.It is even against the United Nations Charter to go straight to the use of Force.Article 2(4) of UN Charter forbid the use of force even against other states, let alone against your people.

10.I appeal to my African Brothers and Sisters that looting and destruction of properties is like detroying what belongs to you.America belongs to all of you and for that reason, do not detroy it.

11.My African Brothers and sisters should also begin to change their ways and live peacefully and avoid any criminal tendencies .They should avoid  illegality in all forms and by the fruits of their character; White Americans will begin to respect us.

In the words of Martin Luther King Junior..We ought to be judged by the content of our character and not by the the colour of our Skin but if we are black; we must work on that Content of Character that Martin Luther had in mind so as to earn the dignity and respect that we are losing daily as a result of our  character content as Africans.

We are too blessed and Strong to allow anyone anywhere in the world to treat as shit.

African Americams must develop their earnings capacity and begin to own American Businesses.

12.My last appeal goes to African leaders at home to join hands in the region to develop our continent so that we can be respected out there.Corruption must end here before we can be respected out there.We must fix our continents.

Once again I say, Four wrongs does not make a right.

1. Whatever George Floyd has done could be the first wrong.

2. The police cruelty which led to his death  is the second wrong .

3.The response from Donald Trump is the fourth wrong.

4.The looting and destruction all over the United States in various cities is the fourth wrong.

Everyone should stop the wrong doing.Donald Trump should appeal for Peace with the use of Peaceful words.

Dr. Gbenga Adeoye holds a PhD in Management Accounting .He also holds a Bachelor's Degree in Law ( LLB)

He is a Fellow of The Institute of Chartered Accountants of Nigeria, 
A Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Taxation of Nigeria.

An Arbitrator of UK and Nigeria with a Diploma in  Criminology & Security Studies.

He is Passionate about World Peace,  Good Governance, Tax Justice and Economic Development of Africa.

He can be reached on

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