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Sunday, June 21, 2020

There is power in your tongue , Says Reverend Ogunlade, African Church, Good News Parish

Since the power of life and death rests with the tongue,  Christians have  been cautioned to be mindful of how they use their  tongues.

The man of God in charge of African Church , Good News Chapel , Kenta idi aba Abeokuta , Reverend Paul Ogunlade stated this this  Sunday in an online sermon.

Speaking on the topic  ,
 " The Power of Tongue", the man of God said the tongue as the engine room of the mouth is  capable of destroying anything, hence the need to always guide our tongues aright .

As he said, the Almighty God created the word with power and word of authority from the above, while  God also created heaven and the earth by word that came out of His tongue. 

He stated further that Jesus Christ also curse a tree and it withers, which also signifies the power of the tongue.

Furthermore, Reverend Ogunlade said  Christian should know that they are the image of God and they have been transformed to be God through Jesus Christ.

According to him,  God gave every animals the power in different places, the   ox to use its  leg,cow with its  horn, scorpion to use its  tail among others while man does not have  their power in the  legs or anywhere than mouth. 

Reverend Ogunlade stated further that men have the  power to build lives and as well destroy it with  tongues .

Concluding, the African Church Clergy advised that Christian should cultivate good use of their tongue while also saying that parents should not destroy the future of their children with bad autrances 

In the same vein, he said ,wives,husbands,bosses  and individual should be careful of how their tongue is used .
 He however reminded the people that  whatever they prophecies into their lives shall come to pass, hence they should use their tongues well.

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