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Thursday, June 25, 2020

With Buhari's recognition of Giadom, APC may have arrived at the tipping point

By: Nurudeen Oyewole

The APC from the beginning was never a political party. What was in place was a hurried amalgam of people who want power by all means. They found a short cut in Buhari who has lived large on fable integrity and has consistently enjoyed some sort of occultic followership from the part of country he hails from. 

The political merchants in that marriage of inconvenience, did 1+1 to get a quick answer. They posited that for a man to continuously enjoy such followership from his home base, what they need was just to help him to the finishing line, which was: get few more states for him in the South Western part of the country, and that would be all! To achieve that, Buhari's image was re-branded. He was adorned with all manners of borrowed garbs and his gospel as the new messiah was spread through the media and civil rights societies already in the grips of political merchants. 

Well, it turned out they calculated well. Albeit, it was to be a temporary victory. Their prognosis worked out, he won the 2015 election! Indeed, for the political merchants prompting him, that was all the leverage they needed to get their hands on national pie they have so much craved for. So in essence, what was built was a Buhari platform and not a political party. A party that is devoid of clear-cut ideology, just like its twin brother - the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), it was only a matter of time to find itself in Intensive Care Unit (ICU).

Like I used to tell my close friends, ''The likely expiry date of APC as a party is 2023. Remove Buhari who is the rallying point for most of these political merchants in APC, then you will see how the party would be tore to shred.'' 

It turned out that I over-estimated the lifespan of APC. I projected 2023 but even before 2019 election, the first deep crack on the wall became open when members of the old ''New PDP'' that dissolved into APC were shown the exit door unceremoniously. The last straw that will break the Carmel's back is the on-going brouhaha where the two most power-driven factions in the party have gone for each other's jugulars. The governor's camp and the Tinubu/Oshiomhole's camp. It is still early in the day to predict the outcome of this epic battle for the soul of ''Buhari's platform'', but one thing that is certain is that by the time this rigmarole would be over, it would be too difficult for either side to lift the much- coveted championship cup, without being badly wounded to even enjoy the sweetness of victory - if ever there would be any!

 _Oyewole is a Nigerian journalist and Public Affairs analyst._

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