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Tuesday, July 21, 2020

General Hospital, Ijaye,Abeokuta and the possibilty of a new order, By Dr. Yemisi Bamgbose.

In those days one of the nauseating  things that welcome a visitor or patient to  General Hospital, Ijaye, Abeokuta was the offensive odour that greeted you immediately you stepped into the  premises of the hospital.
Even if your smell organs were not so sensitive, you would perceive  the damming  odour that pervaded the air. 

During the period under reference, nearly every visitor  to the hospital covered his or her nose at least to ward off or  to prevent inhailing the  "dangerous air pollution". Not many  people wanted to visit  patients in that hospital in order not to come back with another disease. 

In those days you saw all sorts of dirty water flowing from every angle of the hospital. The  can bin were  positioned outside the doors of each ward unattended to, breeding flies and other harmful insects. 
Then, if you were admitted for one disease, if  care was not taken you would most likely return later to treat at least malaria because of the avalanche of mosquitoes that dealt with you on the sick bed. A visitor would hurriedly see his or her  patient otherwise he would soon be on admission somewhere else courtesy of poor environment. 

However, I discovered that things have changed for the better at the General Hospital, Ijaye. 
Recently, I had a patient who was admitted into one of the wards at that   hospital.When I was informed that my uncle was  on his way  to Ijaye and that he was likely to  be on admission for some weeks I was scared and terrified. How he would cope with  the terrible odour in that vicinity was my major concern. Incidentally his ailment was not one that could be  easily attended  to at a private hospital. Another  thing that came to my mind was how to persuade my uncle to endure the mosquitoes that were sure to assault him within that health facility. I came to the conclusion that my uncle would need to go with his own mosquito net among other essential things. But how would he cope with the terrible offensive odour that was prevalent 24hrs in the  hospital? Since I had no choice  other than visit my patient, I decided to double my nose mask on my first day of visiting the male surgical ward. After all, it was mandatory to wear a nose mask courtesy of Covid-19. Doubling the nose mask would not be a problem for me, I concluded in my mind. 

However, to my surprise and to my delight I discovered that the story has changed. 
The General  hospital, Ijaye, has been rid of  the offensive odour. The environment I found was far better than it used to be in those days. Waste bins are no long seen outside littering the vicinity. No more heavy smell of   "izal or sanitizer" which was used to suppress the terrible odour in those days. 

The hospital wards are now better managed. The Male surgical ward  where I have been visiting almost on daily basis enjoys regular power supply. Unlike in those days that you would have to bring your personal fan to the hospital for your patient at least for some comfort, the ceiling fans in that ward are functioning. I had thought it was just at night  but I came to realise the hospital now enjoys regular power supply. Kudos to the Government that put regular supply of electricity in place there.

This  development must not go unnoticed. 
In  my own opinion, the management and the staff and by extension, the Ogun  State Hospital Management Board must be appreciated and commended. After all if they performed poorly we would have condemned or rebuked them.

 In those days, nobody reckoned with General Hospital, Ijaye. With what I observed continuously on daily  basis for a month, the public confidence has been restored to a large extent.  Prompt attention to  patients is noticed.
 I specifically monitored the nurses on duty at different shifts and noticed that on  resumption each nurse familiarized themselves with all the patients on admissions thereby  building psychological confidence to stabilize patients' emotions. 
Another thing that caught my attention is that patients or their relatives are no more required  to buy fuel during theater operations. I recalled those days when people had to volunteer fuel before  operations were performed to avoid power cut during the process. 
Also those  serving   food to patients on admission did it with high hygienic standards and with a lot of decorum. 

Another important thing I observed is  the philanthropic gestures of 2 individuals, Alhaji Lanre Jaji and Alhaji R.O.Anikulapo.
The first was the provision of a functioning borehole provided by Mr Lanre Jaji for the benefit of patients and staff of the hospital. Mr Jaji is a well known person to me. He has not occupied any very high political office. He is a middle class person that is not super rich. He has not  been in position of political power not to talk of enriching himself with public funds. Out of the   little resources at Mr Lanre Jaji's disposal, he provided a running water that is  tremendously useful to all and sundry at the General hospital, Ijaye. It has been there functioning for many years. Water is still running.The pipe has not gone dry like the fake  millennium boreholes dubiously sunk  by our politicians. Mr Lanre Jaji's borehole is supplying water daily to workers and patients alike at General hospital, Ijaye. I think he deserves to be appreciated.

Another person that deserves to be appreciated  is one Alhaji R.O Anikulapo, Chairman Anikulapo Oil Nigeria Limited . A visit to the new outpatient ward and theatre will show a WALK WAY constructed by Alhaji R.O Anikulapo.I have not met him  before neither do I know him at all but it was boldly stated that the walk way was donated by him in 2012. If not for him perhaps people will be walking inside the rain along the corridor whenever it rains in the hospital. 
These are laudable, people oriented projects, from individuals who were never in position of power ,nor known to have embezzled government funds. 

Their philanthropy has had tremendous impact on the people, both the rich and the poor that have been patronizing  the hospital.
I want to appeal to the State Government to continue upgrading the health facilities in all the General hospitals in the state. The noticeable transformation at General Hospital, Ijaye,Abeokuta is an indication that our health professionals are capable of good healthcare delivery and it shows the possibility of a new order. 

Kudos to Messers Jaji and Anikulapo.
Commendation to the Chief Medical Director and indeed all the staff of the hospital.

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