Tuesday, July 28, 2020


Scholars have advanced the fact that to be successful in life you need to possess four quotients, namely: Intelligence Quotient; Emotional Quotient; Social Quotient, and Adversity Quotient. Although the quotients are not mutually exclusive, the combination of all could make a man either roundly successful or be “successful so-so”. 
In order to increase the body of knowledge, I have yielded to the urge to add SPIRITUAL QUOTIENT (SQ) to the other established quotients; though I could only lay my hands on very limited materials on the newfound. To me, Spiritual Quotient is the ability to understand the intrinsic meaning of issues, based on intuition, inner witness, or (the spirit of God) even when the full meaning of it is yet to be revealed to the physical eyes. Our parents employed a great deal of it in the olden days, although they may have lacked adjectives to qualify it. Everyone has the capacity for and to develop it, depending on the willingness to so do. You need SQ in all dimensions of life to know who to marry; who to associate with; who to employ or where to work. SQ is a discerner of what lingers in the realm of the invisible. Those who develop it become superhumans as men that sees behind the veil. I cannot fail to remember the story of a world-class itinerant businessman and preacher. On one occasion he embarked on an extensive tour of the world. On his return, he met his business in disarray. He was so distraught to the extent that he fired the young lady who was supposed to be his financial manager. After his decision, he observed that things were no longer the same with the company until he recoiled to the “inner recess” to find out what had actually happened. In the course of his retreat, an “inner voice” told him his business would not be the same again as he had sacked the “spark plug” of the company. What? Someone that messed my company to that extent? He queried. But there was an insistence from the inner source that he was wrong to have taken that step since, in the invisible realm, that lady was the rallying point of that organization and the one that was attracting all the goodies to everyone. He had to recant his action by recalling the lady, and pronto, things returned to normal. This may sound spiritual or esoteric, but it does exist and we must be conscious of it and strive to factor it into our lives and relationships. Many institutions or employers have made the error of judging an employee using only the parameter of physical deliverables or meeting of deadlines, without knowing that there is a benign spiritual understanding that we need in our social relationship. Many have married on the basis of what they saw with the physical eyes in their spouses, not knowing that there are forces behind the veil which may not make the chemistry to match. We must come to terms with the fact that all humans are made up of the body, soul and spirit and it follows that you need different quotients to deal with each of the compartments, both within yourself and in relationship with others. Herein lies the synopsis of my belief and postulation on SQ which may be further expanded based on my readers' and friend’s diversity of beliefs or religious persuasions.  I am indeed open to further reinforcement or disputation of this seminal thought on

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