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Monday, July 6, 2020

Monday Morning Motivation with Muhammed Moshood

Almost everyone you meet has great ideas and some big dreams. But, most end up becoming (as) nothing. 

I am not a prophet but the truth is, a lot of people prefer to jump on that big idea when it is convenient for them. If you are on this table, there is no point praying or saying amen to tonnes of prayers when you can't do your part of the job.

Procrastination has killed many dreams than failures do. You can have the blame placed comfortably on the doorstep of some persons or factors/events, but nothing will change if you do not. The most important factor for success is SELF.

Cultivate the habit of urgency for all that matter. You'll be better for it. 

If this means anything to you, how about you don't enjoy alone, sharing is caring you know? 😉

Have a great week. 


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