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Monday, August 17, 2020

Monday Morning Motivation with Muhammed Moshood


You have probably heard that everyday is an opportunity to get it right. Isn't it?

While that statement is indisputable, how possible is it then to review your life goal/strategy everyday, considering loads of work you have to put up with?

Could it be that I'm talking in the nonsense? 😄🤫

Follow me. 

It rains idea everyday and everywhere. Putting to mind the journey you are on is to stay committed to it. 

Of a truth, nothing beats constant review of strategy. That is why Paul Coelho in his masterpiece, 'The Alchemist' says,  "each day, in itself, brings with it an eternity." 

In your daily hustle and bustle, find serenity, allow thoughts to come to bear so that you may get a new view of the life you seek.

In solemn self-assessment and re-assessment lie the peace and power you need to make a shift.  

Find serenity this week. Peace!!!!


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