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Thursday, September 17, 2020

Views On Nigeria at 60 By Taofiq Adesina AbdulAzeez

Taofik AbdulAzeez

We have observed how sophisticated the Nigerian nation has become. We have also experienced how dangerously difficult it is to govern and make Nigerians happy. But have ignored certain facts that make our situation more complex and dangerous.
In the light of my experience , I wish to state as follows:

That political crises usually peak towards October 1st as either a negotiating strategy or a grand sabotage.

That the way things are now, the continuous unity of Nigeria is negotiable.

That insecurity of all forms across the nation can no longer be explained away as politically motivated and externally sponsored sabotage.

That growing army of uneducated youth in the North and badly educated and unemployable youth in the South should be seen as the last signs of the hour for Nigeria. When kidnapping, Herdsmen banditry and Boko Haram in the North meet with  more sophisticated cyber and other crimes in the South, the political THUGGERY which is the main stay of many youth across the nation would pale into insignificance and the nation is sure to be in real insurgency.

That politicians should get ready for a real fight with a frustrated people ahead of 2023.

That  Anarchy is the best description of the situation we are going through now.

And may President Buhari not be the last President of Nigeria.

*Taofiq Adesina AbdulAzeez is a
Professor of English and Imam
University of Abuja,Nigeria

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