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Sunday, April 11, 2021

I attribute my administration's success to vision backed by prayers and hardwork , Udom Akwa Ibom State Governor

The Governor of Akwa Ibom State , Emmanuel Udom has attributed the success so far recorded by his administration to the power of vision backed by prayers and hardwork.

He has therefore urged the people to always follow their vision with actions,and hardwork in order to achieve success, saying when you persistently pray about your vision and work hard towards it, you will achieve success.
He said, " when you have the creative thinking, and you have God , keep praying on it".

Governor Udom who spoke in Abeokuta this Sunday as a special guest at the closing of the extra ordinary annual  Convention of the Victory Life Bible Church, Abeokuta  said whatever God has called people to do, they must do it diligently and consistently .

He said " For instance with my meagre allocation , there is no way I could have paid salary and still establish  the Ibom airlines which today is making waves. It is a miracle and a result of vision backed by prayers and hard work"

" When you have vision , keep working and praying about it. It will surely lead to success "

Governor Udom  made it known that the Akwa Ibom State Government is  about to launch the regional arm of the Ibom airline while two new additional air buses would be purchased to upgrade the airline by the time he would be marking the second year of his second term in office,

 Earlier , the host and the  General Overseer of the  Victory Life Bible Church International, Apostle Lawrence Achudume  urged Nigerians to choose administrators into the positions of  authoutity and not just mere politicians.

He said Nigeria needs "administrators with credible track records and not politicians with crowd", saying any fool can have large following.

Apostle Achudume , said If Nigerians want the desired change they should stop voting people into power due to their large followership, but what they can offer.

"What we need is for Nigerians to choose leaders with intelligence , leaders who are business minded , not leaders who are  money minded or those who come to office and think they are doing us a favour and begin to throw crumps at people"

The man of God further submits " We need credible leaders and administrators at the helms of affairs , even as Ministers , Governor or President, not those who have followers ,but those who can do the work of building the nation ".

Apostle Achudume while lamenting the fact that there are too many beggars around said Nigerians should learn to work with their hands.

 He said " There are too many beggars on earth, even in Nigeria. When we work with our hands, only then we will prosper. God blesses the work of your hands , not what the government drops for you as crumps".

" If Nigerians can trust in  God , trust in their innate abilities ; the talent God gave to them and put their hands to work , the same God who has prospered this nation for years will prosper the works of their  hands ".

Speaking on the take away from the weeklong convention, the man of God said the message  is for Nigerians to be grateful for surviving so many tribulations from the year 2020  up till now,  even when bigger nations of the world are sinking and perishing.

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