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Thursday, April 8, 2021

Monitor Your BP, heart rate and lots more on the go with this Smart Sports Bracelet!

A life un-exanined is not worth living . You need to take full charge of your health and well-being by being on top of the relevant information needed to maintain a healthy living.... You can't afford to be careless with your health... You need to be conscious and always at alert, an this product I am about introducing will help you do just that...

If you are 40 years  and above, you will need this multi purpose smart sports bracelet , trust me .

What it does: 

-Monitors your Blood Pressure at intervals 
- Calculate the rate of your heart beat 
- Monitor and record your sleep pattern, deep or light and the  period you stay awake 
- Sporting activities : Records number of steps taken daily and scores you on average, low or high rate of daily exercises.
- It has a GPS to tell you your location at every point in time especially during exercise... This can only be accessed through the accompanying app.
- It also has a long seat reminder , where you set the average number of hours you wish to seat down and once you exceeded that hour, it will immediately prompt or alert you to adjust your schedule.

- Calculate your  Body Mass Index ( BMI)
-  Allocate daily tasks and comment on  achievements of target or  otherwise .
- Serves as routine watch or clock.
- Has an app that shows all records of activities. .
- Connectible  to your phone to get maximum benefits through updated health information.
- Shows daily monthly and yearly records of your tasks which can be used as health measurement  records .
- Connectible to your phone to notify on calls.
- Connectible to all your social media handles to alert on message receipt .
And lots more.

Ask me about how to get all these faetues activated, I will gladly take you by the hands...

If you care to know more, inbox or contact 
Waheed on: 

@ Affordable Price of N5,000 naira only....
08035004741 or WhatsApp ...

A trial will surely convince you ! 

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