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Monday, April 5, 2021

Why we are holding the Annual Security and PR Conference in Abeokuta - Ogun NSCDC

The Annual NSCDC Security Summit and Public Relations Conference is an initiative of the Public Relations unit of the Ogun State Command of the paramilitary organisation. In this encounter, the man at the helms of affairs in the unit, Mr. Dyke Ogbonnaya  speaks on the rationale for the conference, expectations, participants and sundry issues... The Business Package met with him . Excerpts 


Q: We understand that you are putting together a programme tagged Annual NSCDC Security Summit and Public Relations conference,  what informs this initiative and what are you trying to achieve with this? 

A: Security, to me, shouldn't just be about "gun", 'force" and what have you. It should also have a human face  that'll be appealing to the public more than be a too conventional and strictly "bone faced!". Public relations too is all about reputation building and to build such reputations requires a sincere synergy between the public and the security agencies as it were and this is why I want to also bring this nexus between the two: security and public to the fore through core professionals.

The programme is meant to create a believe, a trust, a productive result and a systematic relationship between the security agencies and the public such that it would create more beneficial result and end the incessant domination of our space (s) by these unending threats of terrorism, kidnapping and banditry.

All the above and many more requires the great inputs and education of the security personnel and the public as to the core essence of public relations.

Q: What does the programme actually entail? 

A: The programme is actually meant to converge ALL security agencies through representation.  It is like a train the trainer kind of summit and conference whereby the entire spectra of security in the state would also see the core values in relationship building and reputation management which in the short and long run should build believability, consistency, trust, goodwill and most importantly, gives more response during operations by security agencies.

Q:We also noticed that you have lined up an array of speakers, how did you arrive at these names and what are the justifications ? 

Q: We  looked at the theme for this 1st edition and we see the need to hinge it on an expert; someone who is vast and experienced and whose lectures would be long lasting in the minds of the participants and coming to discussants too, I felt also having them speak to the lead Speaker's lecture would expatiate the intellectual build up of the listeners.

Q: What is your assessment of current relationship between security operatives and members of the public? 

A: Generally, unlike what we see in other countries, the trust on security agencies here in Nigeria is on the low ebb, very low.  We need to improve on that by allowing everyone know their limits and rights in law and whenever one contravenes the law then such an individual should be made to face it without unnecessarily over-flogging the issue with  much ado. We need to make security more apt in terms of knowledge-based security and the law of the land as to what it dictates.

Q: Public relations as an instrument of mediation seems to be lacking in the conduct of some of our security operatives in terms of their relationship with members of the public , why is this so and what is the remedy? 

A: . Exactly, this is one of the reasons for putting up this annual event and for which this is the first edition. Security personnel most times seems to wear the "red face" in dealing with the public and this is very dangerous for someone who would also be part of the public after the day and after service.

We are barely acting for those years as we serve and afterwards we go back to reality and when we act, we should act well, consistently and sincerely so one wouldn't be harming and undoing another by way of wrong judgment and indecency in our acts

Q: How do you hope to sustain this program as an annual event ? 

A:  We strongly believe this first one would say the obvious if it makes the required impact.

I would have to consult more with high profiled colleagues and well meaning friends in the PR profession to give the event the needed touch for subsequent editions and perhaps one would also do a questionnaire to see what the security agencies lack in response to societal needs and then those submissions would be addressed too.

Q: What has been the role of NSCDC in maintaining social order? 

A: The NSCDC is a grassroot agency and it has been doing its best at addressing issues of social order and compliance to public rules especially those that should be obeyed for the good of all.

These include but not limited to:

* Disaster management and response;
* Counterterrorism and intelligence gathering;
* Protection of Critical National Assets and Infrastructure;
* Protection of Agro-based businesses;
* Continuous Community Training of the public on individual consciousness to security issues which is actually key to every individual as the best form of security lies in the one one provides by  oneself.

Q:  What are some of the challenges being encountered in carrying out these functions ? 

A:  Let me say that no one or no agency could have everything rather the main challenge is in people not being aware of their environment and not being security conscious as well.

Q: The issue of insecurity, kidnapping and what have you is rife nowadays and this has put a lot of strains on the efforts of security operatives . This has made Nigerians to call for an overhaul of the nation's security apparatus and perhaps a stakeholders summit on security, what is your take on this ?

A: Seriously, this is a tricky question for which one must be careful in addressing however to be precise if we need to meet to address these daunting and unprecedented wave in crime, banditry, kidnapping, amongst others why not?!

If our solution lies in meeting to shape or chart a new course and/or perhaps rethink and reform our strategies to confronting these challenges why not?!

The situation is becoming unimpressive and it requires a new way of thinking.

Thanks You!

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