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Friday, April 9, 2021

Say No To Regular Low Battery: Purchase This Solar Power Bank/ Charger

Most often than not, we all have little headache due to low power on our devices due to epileptic power supply and this can be very painful especially in most critical times when the gadgets are badly needed.. Sometime, having an additional battery and electricity enabled power bank may prove not enough. This is because everything still depends on electricity which in most cases remain epileptic.

Here comes a product that will make the headache and all the worries become history.

*Long Lasting High Capacity Solar Power Bank/ Charger*


- Capacity : 16000-20000 Megahats.
- Suitable for nearly all kinds of mobile phones and digital products which has USB cable connector .
- Charging suitability for i-phone, i-pad, i-pod ,Mp3,MP4, GPS,cellphone , Bluetooth device, some tablet  PCs and other digital products.
- Come with a precise IC protector to safely avoid over-charging, over -discharging and short circuit.
- intelligent power manage solution, soft - switch button.
- Steady and high efficiency in usage.

*Warm Notice*
- Please charge the power bank once every three months if it is not in use for a long time.
- it is normal that the temperature is a bit hot during charging.
- Please keep the bank clean and dry. Do not wash with chemistry 
- Please protect environment, do not abandon.

*Important Notice*

- Do not let children or non Professional use the bank , except with professional guide 
- Do not use it for any device without assigned output parameters.
- Do not crash, dismantle or compress the bank..

Fit for various mobile phone and devices...

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