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Sunday, May 30, 2021

Being filled with the Holy Spirit does not end with Speaking in tongues - Bishop Okunlola

Christians must be filled  with the holy spirit, and   begin to speak in tongue genuinely and also receive the power to witness the Gospel of Christ  if they must  maximise the potential of being truly born again.

Also a Christian that is filled with the holy spirit will continually have love , joy,  peace of mind, endurance, restraint , spirit of giving  and all positive virtues.

The Bishop and Director of Mission and Evangelism of the African Church, Solution Camp, The Rt. Reverend Jeremiah Tunji Okunlola  stated this this Sunday at the Confirmation Service of  Good news Africa Church, Masoretinu Bus Stop , via Kemta Idi- aba Housing Estate Abeoukuta.

In a sermon entitled "Have you received the holy spirit?", at the impartation service  the man of God described the holy spirit as God dwelling in us.

He said life is in three era or dispensation, one is God in heaven dispensation, when God governs the heaven and the earth from heaven through his prophets.

He named the second era as God with us, when God came to the earth  through his son, Jesus Christ to dwell on heart and the third era as era of God in us which is the dwelling of God in man through the holy spirit which is the last era or dispensation.

 He clarified the erroneous impression  that Christian are  serving three God's ,but said instead,  God  manifested himself in three ways as described above.

Speaking further , Bishop Okunlola identified the gifts associated with having the power of the  holy Spirit to include words of wisdom  and knowledge, performance of miracles, prophecising  speaking in tongues and interpreting the strange tongues as the case may be.

During the impartation service, as many faithful that are filled with the power of the holy spirit received the gift of speaking iñ tongues..

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