The Concept of Iftar in Islam has been bastardized by Politicians and Businessmen - Prof. Taofeek Abdulazeez - THE BUSINESS PACKAGE


Wednesday, May 5, 2021

The Concept of Iftar in Islam has been bastardized by Politicians and Businessmen - Prof. Taofeek Abdulazeez

Professor Taofeek Abdulazeez, a reknown Islamic Schorlar and Professor of Communication and Language Arts is the Chief Imam of University of Abuja. On the sideline of the Ramadan fast, he spoke with The Business Package on how Politicians and Businessmen have bastardized the concept of Iftar in Islam, significance of Laylat Al- Quadri and what Faithful who are facing tribulations should do when things are tough ..  Excerpts ..

*On  the Concept of iftar*

A: The concept of iftar. I should agree with you that it is being abused. The reason is politicisation and socialisation of religion. Politicisation by politicians and businessmen to turn a very rewarding religious activity into campaign platform. So, you find non-muskins sponsoring iftar. I have heard that before. Even ,non - muslims sponsor Lailatul Quadri, non- Muslims sponsor Ramadan programme in the media . It is campaign and politicisation. People of like minds and of the same socio- political and economic status invite themselves for iftar. Ordinarily, if you want to do iftar for people , you take it to the mosque.This is where you find poor people which iftar should ordinarily target. But, when you now invite your  own people, what do you call that ? For example, I have stopped people from inviting me to iftar since five years ago and I said the reason is that, what do you want to achieve by inviting me to iftar ?. What are you going to feed me with ? Are you going to give me what I do not have? So, if you want to do iftat, give to those who don't have as much as I do. I have and I can also feed others. For instance , I know how many people I feed in my own house. If people like us stop attending such iftar, it would loose credibility and then the waste that attends it and the hypocrisy that goes with it will go. It is just socialisation, to show off . They want  to make a statement to tell the world that they have arrived and so on and so forth. There is no good thing that Muslims do not abuse. This is just one of them.

*On  Significance of Lylat- al Quadri*

is basically to provide facilities for increased closeness to Allah. It is a period when we look for Lailatul Quadri, one night . The night of power. This night, was the night in which the Qurian was revealed and Allah says, that Lailatul Quadri Airumin Al-fishar. The night of power is better than one thousand night; meaning that, we want to benefit from worshipping in that single night to get the reward of someone who has worshipped for more than 8 years. This is what the previous generation longed after. The previous generation wants to live in our own generation, so that they will be able to worship Allah in one night. Just for one night and then be content with this advantage.So, it is a period Muslims are expected to retire to the mosque for ten nights , looking for the night. The night could come at any time . It could be the first, it could be the second; the night is hidden . Nobody know which particular night , it is going to be. So, the fact that Allah hid it will will make Muslins to concentrate on worship, Askar, reading the Quran, doing duah and making supplications to Allah. Coincidentally, it is not possible for any Muslim who is fasting and who is conscious to miss it. This is because, the night begins from Fajr . At least , an average Muslim will do two noflat, no matter how. You will do tarawhi, tahajud; you will wake up for Sahur , even if it is for five minutes. Whatever we do is ok. However, the prophet concentrated on act of ibadah , act of Worship, the remembrance of Allah, recitation of Quran , and duah or prayer during this period. So, if you can do itikaf, to retire to the Mosque during tim
[5/2, 1:29 AM] Waheed Ogunjobi: This tie might or ten it is better . It is asso good to work less during the day. So, even I hf you can't be in the mosque , you can dedicate most of your night to worship and then to pray.

*What  good people should do when they are facing life challenges  and tribulations*

They should be patient, because they know that there is death and there is life after death.  So, if they are despirate, it is either they get it through the devil with consequences. Consequences here, consequences there , or they don't still get it. So, why not be patient ? What Allah says is that "We will test you with something of fear, hunger, reduction in wealth and farm produce, but give glad tidings to those who are patient ". Who are they ?  Those who when they are afflicted with misfortunes, says " We come from Allah and we go back to him. These are the people that Allah will pour blessings on and mercy and these are the ones that are rightly guided. So, we have no problems , whether you struggle out of your troubles or not, wether you are patient or not, what will be will be. Whatever has happened has happened. So, with patient , you either get it at the end of your life or if you die not getting rewarded for your patience, when you get to heaven , you get rewarded. The faith in life after death. If there is no faith in life after death, people will be one despirate and they will suffer for nothing.

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