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Friday, June 25, 2021

Five Reasons for Land Banking, By Ikenna Real Estate Expert

1. Land Appreciates Steady in Value while Currency always Fluctuates* 
Just take a look at the Naira and imagine how much people are losing with Naira nose-diving in value. Not so with land investment which is on a steady rise as population increases.

2. Returns on Land Investment is higher than Savings*
We have a land investment that can give you 40% in 12 months but Savings Deposit Interest is less than 3%. Haba! Do the maths and do the smart thing.

3. Your Savings Enriches the Banks while Your Land Investments Enrich You.*
The funny thing is that they give you 3% when you save but take 30% when you borrow. 

4. Inflation Rate is Higher than Savings Interest Rate but Land Appreciates Faster than Inflation.*
Inflation is about 18% to 20% but there is a 40% land investment opportunity. Land appreciate faster.

5. Nobody Gets Rich by Savings without Investment in Land.*
All the super wealthy are involved in Real Estate. Ask Dangote, Alakija, Adenuga, Elumelu. You know them for different business but they own the land the business sits on.

More Nigerians at home and abroad are acquiring land investments across Nigeria.* It is widely believed that real estate investment is better and more secured than idle money in the bank or most business ventures.

We are offering to support your property investment in Nigeria in

1. Affordable land in *"Buy Low Now, Sell High in Future"* strategy

.2. House purchase for *immediate rent cash flow.*

3. Land Trading where you buy land from us and we sell it for you by the 12th month. *Full capital back plus 20% to 25% profit after 12 months.*

I am happy to share more information with you on any of these 3 strategies.

*You can start your own Real Estate journey today and we can guide you right.*

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