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Thursday, June 10, 2021

Ogun FOMWAN Week: Why we are adopting Kere Community in ifo - Ameerah

Q You mentioned that you are adopting Kere Community for the FOMWAN week, why Kere ?

A: We decided   to adopt that community  Kere in order for us to be able to carry out our dawah activities in that particular vollage because we  discovered that most of the people living in that community  are very low in dawah activities and we believe  that their well being is very  paramount to us .So,  during our National sldawah conference, we visited the place; we observed Jumat with  them and we discovered so many things that needed to be put in place.

Q. How receptive are the people ?

A: They welcome our ideas. In fact, during that period, we have been there to distribute questionnaires to find out about what they really need and during our visit , Baale of the community appreciated FOMWAN and embraces our goals and decided to support us maximally .

Q. Any plan to extend the gesture to other communities ?

A: By God's grace , we are going to adopt more communities. As a faith based organisation, we are going to adopt more . We will send our Local government Ameerahs to to go out and see the community that can be adopted in their various areas since FOMWAN existed in the twenty local government areas. The one that we have adopted is from ifo local government and we are poised to adopt more communities.

Q. Apart from Dawah, what other benefits are there for the communities being adopted ?

A; By the grace of God , we have it in mind to put in place sanitation facilities that can enhance their well being and we are going to be talking to them occasionally about their general well being. And also, we are going to put borehole and toilet facilities in place in some of the places.For instance , about one year ago, we constructed borehole in ijeun Titun in Abeokuta because we discovered that water is the main problem they have in that environment and people of that community appreciated the good gesture . They were happy. They praised us and during the commissioning of the project, they all came out enmass. So, we hope to more for that community.

Q . Why is open defecation prevalent in our environment ?,

A: We believe that our people don't really know much about the dangers involved and that is why go out on advocacy to talk to them ,; to enlighten them on the implications of defecating in open places . The truth is that, it can transmit diseases and it can affect people living in that community.

Q: Do you think there is a need for legislation to control the menace 

A,: I think our government should come up with a law guiding open defeacation so that people that commit that offence will be dealt with and that will serve as detergent to other and by so doing , we should be able to eradicate the menace. As part of our advocacy , we visited a School in Abeokuta South Local government and we gave out buckets and sanitation facilities and we also talked about the implications of open defeacation . We believe that by the time they get home, they will educate their parents and loved ones .

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