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Wednesday, August 4, 2021

Buying Properties During COVID-19.

Housing is a basic necessity of life. While the industry has been broadly impacted by COVID-19, the necessity of #housing has not and will not change. You and I still need a roof over our head.

Here are three #trends in the housing market during  this #pandemic.

*1. Deeper Sellers' Competition.*
It could be a drive to stir more #business activities but #property sellers are more eager to sell. There are more incentives to buy and sellers have more price flexibility, if anyone has the toughness to press for a better deal.

*2. Virtual Site Inspection.*
More sellers are offering #virtual site inspection as a COVID-19 #safety measure and health assurance to buyers. This is not to rule out physical inspection but a virtual option cuts to the chase.

*3. More Market Research Time.*
Today's property buyers are more knowledgeable. They take their time and rightly so. This is really good for the professional property seller in recommending the right products the right buyer. The #market is at your finger tips so research the market.

Use these three trends today and be happier for it. Let's get you started with your property investment today.

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