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Saturday, August 21, 2021

How Revd. Fola Achudume Empowered over 100 at All Women's Summit tagged Triumph

It was a gathering  of champions; it was an occasion for women of substance; it was an impartful session as Royal Ladies International, a Special Women Ministry powered by, Reverend Fola Achudume, wife of the Lead Pastor,  Victory Life Bible Church International held  an All Women's  Summit 2021 and Empoerment  tagged " Triumph".

The two day event held at Victory Plaza, Abiola Way Abeokuta was well attended by women from all walks of life and it was full of impartation messages that are not just a blessing to the participants,but highly emotional.

At the close of the  event on Saturday ,the President, Royal Ladies International,  Reverend Fola Achudume challenged Christians to stop giving excuses by  shying away from leadeship positions.

As she said  when the righteous are in power, the society will be a better place.

Revered Achudume said the fact that  some Christians  who are in positions  of leadership failed, does not mean everyone will fail.

According to her, in order to prevent people from making a mess of leadership positions,  the society should put them on their toes, hold them accountable by giving them the needed support.

Said she,"For people to behave well in leadership positions, they need a support system; they must be held accountable; they must be put on their toes"

"This  only means that their Spiritual fathers and mentors should support them. Keep watching over them, pray for them and help them to succeed"

Speaking on theme " Triumph", Revered Achudume said for Christians to Triumph,  they must submit themselves totally to God to be used, saying if they surrender  to the will of God,  their lives will experience a turn around.

She also  said for Christians to thrive and triumph, they must be planted by God and this invariably means that they must subject themselves totally to the whims and caprices of the planter who is God in order to bring forth the right fruit.

A Child Protection Specialist, Barrister,Adedamola  Lapite who is  also a Fellow,Forensic Investigation of Nigeria while speaking on gender based violence and rape said women are the major causes of gender based violence.

As he said, gender based violence is rampant in the society  because women always  feels that they are not complete on their own .

Also, Poverty, lack of enforcement of relevant laws and unwillingness of victims  to make the cases known  to enforcement agencies  are responsible  for increase in rape and child defilement cases, according to the expert.

As he said, gender based violence is not just about domestic abuse but  issues such as rape, female genital mutilation and  armful practices among others.

The  Child  Protection Specialist said, women need to begin to exert themselves and see themselves as a complete being who have potentials to be a reference point in the  society. 

According to Barrister  Lapite , the society usually defends gender based violence especially when an influential  person  is involved,  adding that the culture of male dominance helps to further fuel the wrongful acts in the society.

Harping on t he need for reorientation, Barrister Lapite said physical injuries, depression  and psychological trauma  are some of the effects of gender based 

A Chartered Accountant ,Sola Adesakin of Smart Stewards, while speaking on " How to be successful in Finances", urged people to take ample advantage of the Internet because there are limitless opportunities on the Internet.

She said when people take charge  of their financial destinies,  they will be able to secure their future and bring dignity upon themselves  and their families, saying people should  no longer wait on the government to provide all their needs.

Caping up the Lectures, a seasoned counsellor, Rev Funke Adetuberu of Mending Lives Foundation told the congregation that they are wired and configured for Truumph, saying if they fail, it is their own fault.

Drawing a lot of inspirations  from  her life experience which was from frustration to salvation,  she enjoined  women to stand up and stand out, saying we live in a generation  that  everyone must know better, hence they must do exploits, no matter the encumbrances. 

No less than 100 women were empowered at the summit, with working tools, cash gifts to support  businesses,pay school fees,food items and clothing materials  among other 

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