Sunday, August 1, 2021


When your name becomes a known name in your community, State or Country, then you must be very careful how you conduct your affairs because he that is up must fear a fall and only those that are down are not afraid of falling.

20 Important TIPS to note.

1. Avoid Association with those who have nothing to lose.Take note.They have no shame and so if they put you to shame, they are not affected at all.Beware.

2.Be careful what you say on the phone or who you take pictures with.Even your chat can be used against you to blackmail you.

3.Those engaged in secret affairs should know that those who set people up will not make it  look like a set up and when you fall, you fall flat.

4.Avoid people that talk too much as they tell you what they ought not to, so also they will tell others about you.

5.Ensure you do not disclose your affairs and private matters to people who have no business in knowing about your private life.

6.Avoid dangerous politicians whose aim is to tarnish your image by setting you up and the percentage of dangerous politicians is about 80% .Yes...80%...They can record all conversations with you and blow it out.

9.Don't have any business dealings with men and women with questionable wealth, education and character.Anyone  involved in fraud and any wrong doing or forging of  documents should be avoided by all means or else, your image is at risk.Show me your friend then, ...I will know who you are.

10.Be sure whoever pays money to your account or buys anything for you have legitimate and legal source of income.

11.Beware of gifts from men of shady characters.They can just do that to link you with them so as to protect them for your sake in the net.

12.Do not associate with people that you cannot freely tell the whole world are your friends...You know them anyway...By their fruits, you shall know them.

13.Take note of every inconsistent statement and attitude of people you relate with in your brain and if possible in writing and run away or cut off from any man that is not truthful or those who change goal post in the middle of the game.They may hit you beyond measure and repair.

14.Never keep any asset wherher money or properties  secretly in a manner that if you die, your spouse or family will not have access.( Many died like that)

15.Be open and honest and do not hide anything from your children and spouse.Let people know your yes to be yes.There is power in personal integrity.Keep your promises.

16.Avoid talking too much especially when you find your yourself in public.Too much talk can make you lose big position.

17.When you become prominent in life, don't let people hail you till they kill you with praise. Take time off to think about yourself as a mortal man on earth temporarily.

18.Always remember that people are respecting you either because of your position, intelligence, wealth or connections and the day you lose one or all of these, loyalty will shift elsewhere, especially, those who come around you only to get & when you have problem; they run away and pretend they know you not.. If you don't agree ..Ask former Governors, Former Ministers, Former Presidents...Many of the people they fed and made wealthy abandoned them in the days of trouble.Gifts no longer come in as usual on birthdays...The number of people who visit will reduce drastucally.Your phone receive lesser calls and some never  call to sho solidarity and loyalty.

19.Be humble in any position you find yourself.

20.Finally, remember power is transient and of course life too is not forever ..Check your age you move closer to 50, 60, 70 and above just know that your time on earth is reducing everyday.Eat good food.Spend your money..Go for holidays...Take care of your health seriously.Be loving and be kind.Give to as many people that you can. Give the best treatment to yourself.

1st August, 2021.
Dr.Gbenga Adeoye.

The author; Dr.Gbenga Adeoye  holds a Bachelor's Degree in Law.( LLB)

He holds an MSc. in Banking & Finance.
He holds a PhD in Management Accounting.

He also holds a Diploma in Crominology and Security studies.

He is a Fellow of The Institute of Chartered Accountants of Nigeria ( FCA) , a Fellow of The Chartered Institute of Taxation of Nigeria ( FCTI) &  an Arbitrator of UK and Nigeria.

He is an advocate of Peaceful Co Existence,  Tax Justice, Good Governance and Socio Economic Development of Africa in general and Nigeria in particular.

He believes that without Peace, there will be no progress no matter how small the entity is.He is of the opinion that National, State, Community and Family Transformation and Development is hinged on the  Quality of people in charge of our  affairs.

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