Tuesday, September 14, 2021


I was born at Lemo Compound Erunwon, Ake Abeokuta even though my grandfather also built a house at Lugbabi Compound in the same Erunwon overlooking ST Peter's Catheral.

When I was growing up, my father use to take me round town and in the evening when we walk pass the palace as a small boy ; we saw symbol of justice in everything that you see in my town. 

So when I was in Primary School at the Village, it is always a thing of joy to come back to town for holiday..

The most interesting thing is that if there is any dispute and the parties agree to go to Idi ere in the palace which then was like a High Court .. You are just sure that the verdict is final for peace loving people.

When Lipede whose house was at Erunwon became king, he was so nice to everyone on that Oja Ale  Road that people who love wine  use to wait to see Baba come to the house with some shynap as gift to them.My father use to go there to drink Shynap.

They are sure they will get something once the king move round to his house at Erunwon for a brief visit.

Then, Oba Oyebade Lipede insisted that anyone who want to be a Chief in Egbaland must have a house in Abeokuta as the Capital town of all Egba people.

Many people bought houses at  Ibara GRA and some put a good car there so that whenever they come home, they can have spare cars to use.

One would have thought the best had come during Oba Oyebade Lipede Era but then a new  King emerged with almost everything we the Egbas wanted in a  King, Love, Peace, Care and Intelligence that is very uncommon and above all, he is very accommodating and very objective. 

He is a retired Military Man and also served at the centre of decision making where almost all documents must pass through his table to the Commander In Chief during Buhari Idi Agbon regime.

In Yoruba land we believe your name has a way of showing in your life and all that surround you.

Our King, Oba Adedotun Aremu Gbadebo, Okukenu the IV....has brought development to Egbaland.

Transformation and progress in the lives of all Egbas all over the world is beyond our imagination.

No wonder his name ..Adedotun..
Everyhing is becoming new every day.

One day, I visited my father and King in the evening and I went with my son and he treated this boy like a king.

Chicken and Chips and Orange Juice was served and my son was so excited and we could not leave till around 11pm.

Each time you visit the palace, you will know that Our King is a lover of all Egba Sons and daughters.

He wants the best for everyone.

I recall one time Alake said, anything that will bring progress to Egbaland, draft the letter and bring it and I will sign as long as it will bring progress.

Another virtue in our King is that he does NOT hold grudges against people .He forgives easily.Those who know him well will confirm that.

Kabiyesi is a blessed King.

God blessed our King with a wonderful Olori...Olori Dr.Tokunbo Gbadebo...Olori  was  born with silver spoon with a PhD in French and a daughter to Chief J.F Odunjo the author of Alawiye Book.

Despite her status and pedigree she is so  humble to the extent that I keep wondering how blessed we are in Egbaland.

Anyone who move closer to Kabiyesi and Olori will know that God gave them to us as gifts for the progress of Egbaland and for all to emulate.

If you move closer to Kabiyesi, you will see LOVE in the real sense of it and the epitome of father to all Egbas is boldly written on his face and words of his mouth will encourage you.

One thing our king will not forget to do is to pray for you...In his words..Oke Oke lee ma ma lo.Igbega Igbega lenu ise.Eeni ri wahala.(Higher and higher you will keep going on your job, promotion and promotion is your portion, you will not enter any trouble in life.) Then he will end it with God bless you.

Even when he is tired, if you bring anyone to town to see him, he will call you to bring him or her to the palace.

Kabiyesi so much observe his subject that one day, I was with a Team of ICAN President and members from Abeokuta district society of ICAN, as soon as he sighted me, called my name...Next Baba will say, I have not seen you at the golf course for a while...

.Imagine that.!!!.How was he able to monitor and know I have not been playing golf for a while.Then I will move closer...Daddy...Am actually running a programme in this or that University...His response will be Aseyori lo ma se.(You will succeed).Greet my children for me and your wife but create time to play golf every week .

Call Alake for anything, he will act on it.Visit Baba, you will love to be with him.

The way he talks about his seniors at BBHS will amaze you.One day he said to me, Dr.Soleye was not only a senior, he even thought us at BBHS.

 Late Chief Femi Deru was ICAN President at a time and whenever we visit the Palace, Alake will say...once a senior ..forever a senior...He will call him up to come and sit beside him.

Too many things to say about our Paramount Ruler in Egbaland; 

A king blessed with great people, Blessed with a wonderful Olori.
Blessed with wonderful subject.

Our Kabiyesi and Paramount Ruler; Happy 78 Birthday to you sir.We love you and we pray that God will preserve you for us.

Written to Celebrate Alake at 78 by Dr.Gbenga Adeoye.
This 14th Day of September, 2021.

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