Wednesday, October 27, 2021


If you have never been to any other country apart from Nigeria, you will think oppression is a global  norm.

The situation is getting worst everyday .

It is  clear that  agencies of government just do whatever they like without any National Focus and Value.

From our Airports to our Police Stations, to Customs, Road Safety, NDLEA and  Immigration among others.

Officers have become laws on to themselves.

Dealing with your employer as if you are his Lord because citizens are the employers of these people but they seems not to know that fact.

Sometimes, things happens and you feel like you are  dreaming but then the abnormal has now become normal.

The most recent one is that NYSC has a rule that no Corp Member can drive during youth Service.

Very funny.

Most of us learnt how to drive when we were very young. Some at 18 and some at 19 but majorly as teenagers.

In the past when people go for youth service, brothers who can drive volunteer to serve as Transport Secretary in their Fellowship like NCCF.

When I heard that NYSC placed a ban on Corp member from driving, I ask if we really know what it means to be an adult and the law of the country on fundamental human rights.

In fact in a country like the US, most children in the house once you are 18, you get your own car to move easily to College and to work.

The excuse given was that some NYSC Corp members had accident in the North and so for that reason no Corp member should drive.

How would you say because some people coughed when they ate, no person should eat again.When does cutting the head become a cure for headache.

Let us all please do all we can reverse these type of policies as soon as possible.

Any association within the NYSC must employ a driver to be able to use their busses...whether it be a muslim or Christian Fellowship or even other Young  Professional teaming up to chat a course for their future as Engineers, Lawyers, Builders, Accountants, Medical Doctors and so on.

Young men and women preparing to face the world are being  deprived of their freedom in Nigeria.What a country of oppression .God will deliver the oppressed in Jesus name.Amen.

I think we really need to  have people in the National Assembly and in the civil society monitoring administrative policies that can erode human dignity and freedom.

I therefore call on the NYSC to stop this policy as it is another way to oppress our youths.

In fact most of the official buses and cars belonging to various groups of NYSC  members were impounded for months or even for almost a year across the country.How can you seize vehicles when you are not a police officer.?Unlawful possession of property belonging to another person by force  is another offence.

We need to wake up from our sleep as a country.People should know they are meant to serve the people and not to oppress them.

Rather than ban corp members from driving, you should be encouraging them to learn how to drive within that one year of youth service. 

Regularly, you can counsel them and encourage them that  any person driving must ensure they have drivers license and competent to drive

Apart from that, the police knows what to do with anyone who violates the law.

Encouraging Corp.member to ensure that those who are very competent are allowed to drive will be more human than just making oppressive  policy  that no one should drive during youth service and to the extent of seizing their vehicles.

May God deliver our youths and in deed all of us from the oppression of government agencies in Nigeria.


Dr.Gbenga Adeoye.
26th October, 2021.

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