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Friday, November 12, 2021

Expert Speaks on Causes of Building Collapse

Faulty construction, bad design, foundation failure and extraordinary loads are major causes of building collapse in Nigeria

Others are unexpected failure mode, explosions, natural disasters as well as non-implementationof appropriate policies and regulations.

The Principal partner, Terracorn Engineering Company, Abuja, Engineer Babatunde Jimoh passed this across during a chat with newsmen this Friday.

According to him, material testing reports such as geotechnical tests, concrete and reinforcement results are forged adding that most officials tasked with the vetting of designs and quality materials are lagging behind in technical depth.

Engineer Jimoh who is a professional in the quality assurance and material testing branch of the engineering profession noted that many builders and investors do not comply with the due diligence because of their connection with top government functionaries.

Harping on the importance of database of physical developments in every state, he saw the need for the engagement of professionals at every stage of building the structures.

Engineer Jimoh added that the time has come to stamp out quackery just  as he called  for the introduction of technology, the vetting of drawings and as well  as ascertaining the authenticity of authors of drawings and reports.

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