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Sunday, January 23, 2022

How My New Year Resolution is Coming to Fruition Early Enough Through Amazon E- book Training , by Waheed Ogunjobi


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Success isa decision, likewise failure is also a decision.  Write For Me and Ogapatapata  are my new year resolution coming to fruition early enough.

Towards the end of 2021, I wrote a number of items as part of what I would love to do in the new year. Top on the list was that I want to put my books on the Amazon. I had learnt about it, I had asked one or two colleagues or friends  to show me what to do, with a lot of reluctance.They only sent me videos which I hardly understood..

Why did I chose going live on Amazon  as my new year resolution?

As a published author, writer and journalist,  I have a whole lot of motivational and inspirational manuscripts  wallowing in my book shelf and laptop. Unconsciously, I was applying the law of Rogue Creativity, because I had said to myself, that come what may, all those books must leave my shelf and laptop . I must clear the cobweb. 

Lo and behold,  in the second week of January, 2021, during one of my routine search on the internet, I stumbled on a link directing us to a free Training  on How to get published on the Amazon. I immediately jumped on the bandwagon to the waiting hand of Dr. Opeyemi  Adeyanju, my Basic Class Trainer who took us through the training that entails,  opening a  KDP account and formatting of Manuscript.The Training was so exciting to the extent that, someone like me who is always very economical with my cash found myself paying for the Master's class almost immediately,the Basic Class ended. This earned  me the first number in my class to register  for this life changing Training. My Registration  Code is MC23 OA/ 001.

During the Basic Training  the name Ogapatapata  featured prominently and I was wondering what it  meant .The reality dawned on me when I joined the class on 15th of January rather a little bit late. The task was submission of data form with clear instructions. The next thing , I was hearing was: Follow Instructions, follow Ogapatapata. LIKE the Gulder ultimate search, we began the search for the missing treasure in us.

In my entire life, I have had Training up preliminary courses for the PhD, level, I have never been so drilled and provoked to action. The first statement that struck me was that, while small children are playing with artificial intelligence in China , USA and the likes, so called professionals,  Doctor , Lawyers, Accountants  and what have you can not even attach pictures to their phones..I got challenged! 

The lectures were  more than acquiring the skill, it was a bumper pack. A lot of things rolled into one. I learnt to be annoyed at my present situation and change the narratives. THE fear of Ogapatapata  was the beginning of wisdom Ogapatapata's name became an household name within my home and workplace. I had to repeatedly shout at  Madam and my son when the 12 midnight  deadline approaches. Though, this is against the rule of Rogue Creativity. Once Ogapatapata  enters the class , the atmosphere changes.

The Training  also teaches me moral and punctuality. You dare not miss the 9:30 am lecture commencement and once you enter the world of Ogapatapata,  you remain there till mid day same day. The 12 midnight deadline for submission of Assignment  after the evening lecture session was another thing that would deprive you of your deserved rest at night. You stay glued to the system and phone.
Like every other participants, I contemplated the idea of quiting. WHAT Does it matter if I do, Ogapatapata  had advised quit, if you wish. It is your life.The matter got compounded when my Computer Engineer told me that the laptop I bought just August 2021 needed a new Board. And, we had orientation at Basic level to get a new system of 64 bits to be able to get going with the process. I therefore find myself buying another  UK used Dell laptop to ensure nothing was amiss. I can't remember the last time I fuelled my generator because our electricity supply was good..But, again, the devil was knocking at the door to shatter this opportunity  of a lifetime .it was the time the National grid chose to go down.

Therefore I fuelled the generator daily to be on a safer side. Then, come the issue of network, you know how it be now,I had wanted to rely on my office WiFi. Then, the unexpected happened!.  I was told pointedly  by my colleague that the office WiFi was not strong enough to execute the task ahead of me. So, I had to also resort to loading my phone with data to connect with the laptop. Nothing must go wrong. Ogapatapata  has taught me resilience, hardwork, result oriented approach to life. I must do away with poor man mentality , the spirit of gaslighting in me must die..I must be me, Waheed Ogunjobi...Enough of psychological imperialism...I must be liberated..  Say no to nonsense...Say no to poverty...I am doing just that...No looking back..

What actually compounded my woes during the training was the fact that I was having some neck pains due to stress. I had worked one year non stop at the office.. I was just trying to apply for my leave,  and Ogapatapata  has only come to aggravate the suffering with his rather realistically unrealistic demands and stress- packed tasks..I became weary and stressed out. But, the fire in me  was burning, I was not ready to give up.. It is not in my character to quit. Besides, I belong to the group of Lion. LION ARE KINGS, I am  a Lion...I  must rule my world. Even, when the pains were much, I still told myself, quitting is not an option. Staying is a decision, quitting is also a decision. I chose ro stay and stay I must. I endured all the taunting and mesmerising ..I must see this thing ro the end , I told myself and I know it will end in  grace. I have gone too far to quit.

While I  am still struggling to reach the finishing line, having come this far in this training, I wish to ask for God ' s mercies upon Ogapatapata  and members of his family and his team " Write For Me.". God will not shame you. My digital journey had begun. There is no let up or going back. I learnt a lot that will shape my thinking and orientation in the years to come. I must operate in the digital space. The digital space is the future. The future is here !. I must be part of the future. I have also learnt a bit about Affiliate Marketing. I am going to intensify effort on knowing more about that. And, I'm going to make it part of my career going forward.

Ogapatapata  also taught me how to open my Payoneer  account.  I will sure read more on that to know how to benefit maximally from that as well . I have dusted all my manuscripts with  a view to properly edit and format them to be published on Amazon. Meet the latest Amazon Published author. This is a feat, God is achieving for me this year. This is how my new year resolution is unfolding earier than thought.  Whatever the outcome of this training for me, I am the most elated  You have indeed unleashed the Lion In me and  I am ready to storm the street. Take it by the storms. The Lion Moment is indeed here!. The best is yet to come 

Waheed Ogunjobi  MC23 Class . REG CODE: MC23 OA/ 001.

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