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Sunday, January 30, 2022

Know Your Place of Value

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Know Your Place of Value

I watched a motivational talk on social media and I am using that to explore the topic of our Nuggets of Wisdom for today. 

It revolves around the parable of the bottled water. According to the speaker, the same bottle water usually sold for N50 in Lagos traffic, goes for N100 naira in some stores. The same bottled  water is equally sold for N300 naira at the airport, while in some hotels it goes for as high as 1,000. 

What do you notice in this allusion, it is the same bottled water,same brand, same quantity, yet different price. The price variation is dictated by the change in place or environment. The same way a parcel of land that is sold for one hundred thousand,  same size, same land texture and same dimension is sold for 100 million ,maybe in Banana Island.

A change in position may bring about a change of value. Please note this and ensure that each time you feel unwanted at a place, change your environment,  change your position, to change your value.

The speaker went on to admonish that, people should always surround themselves by people that knows their value and worth. Do not go where you are not wanted. If you feel uneasy, or  uncomfortable in a setting, avoid that setting to give yourself  a sense of worth. To some set of people, no matter how valuable you are, no matter how striking your achievements are , they have no modicum of respect for you. You must as a matter of purpose distance yourself from such people. They are people who do not value your worth, presence or existence,  avoid them like a plaque. They are lethal.

 You should guide your dignity jealously, do not allow negative people to burn you out or castigate you to think worthless of yourself. You  deserve to  be happy and radiate with joy, therefore avoid people whose antics is to demean you and kill your joy or demoralise you. You deserve all the joy and happiness  you want . You deserve to be celebrated and elevated. Do not let bad people spoil your  good moment. Receive wisdom . 

Remember, always  surround yourself with people who values you, no more , no less..

Tomorrow is another  day.

Waheed Ogunjobi,  a  journalist, author,  writer and Public Affairs Analyst writes from Abeokuta, the Ogun  State  Capital and can be reached through  08035004741 or

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