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Wednesday, January 26, 2022

The fact that you are classmates, doesn't make you destiny mates.

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The fact that you are classmates, 
doesn't  make you destiny mate.

A Senior Pastor of one of the pentecostal churches in a thought-provoking sermon made reference to the fact that being a classmate with someone, does not make them destiny mates.That statement has got me thinking. In life , we all have to find our class mates.

According to the man of God,destiny is like stock exchange,, which changes levels almost on a daily basis.

The man of God contended that the fact that  two people  are classmates today  does not mean that  they  wil be classmates for life, or destiny mates as it were, except if they will continue to be playmates.

Human being are social animal, and they tend to gravitate towards their class in the society. I haven't seen the idea of a classless society as propounded by Karl Max coming to fruition anywhere in the world. 

The term classless society refers to a society in which no one is born into a social class. It says distinction of wealth, income, education ,culture or social network might arise and would only be determined by individual  experience and achievements in such a society. 

Even in China where they practice  Communism ,people have accused the ruling party of being in a class of its own and serving the interest of its members.

Accordingly, the preacher said "even  when you are In the same class, you are still by destiny rated into different classes, because that guy is doing something that you are not doing even if you seat in the same class,but , in the computer readings in heaven,that guy is shooting high.and you are going the other way, and you still think you are in the same class?.

He said for instance ,he  must have had some clas mates who have never read one book throughout  their lives  since they left school and you have another one who is reading daily in a bid to boost his resources in.order to enhance his  results, and you expected that you will be at the same level...You are joking...So ,don't be deceived by sitting in the same class, offices or what have you, locate your own class.

Levels, changes, because one is making an investment that the other one is not making.He cautioned that every time you buy a dress, it only covers your body, but each time you buy a book or resource materials it provided a covering for your destiny .

 He stated further that learners are open hearted, they are sensitive as they begin to watch and learn and read and search.

Stop to think,of it, you may need to readjust your budget, this is because you need more information to secure your colourful destination.  Also, please  that ,your value system matters in deciding your is not the cloth that you wear that matters,it is value, that you bear..

One of the richest man in Nigeria once made this statement, he said "it is not what I drive that matters, but  what is driving me"..What is driving you, which thoughts, dominates  your heart, what value do you place on things and your life? It is time for us all to have a rethink and know which class we belong to and strive towards being in a better class..That your classmate you are looking at had since taken flight and has found himself among the high class.Are you going to seat there and be  watching,  Please, act.!

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