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Wednesday, January 12, 2022

The two most powerful warriors are patience and time” – Leo Tolstoy

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Thursday, 13th, January, 2021.

“The two most powerful warriors are patience and time” – Leo Tolstoy

Why do we say time and patience are the two most important warriors  in life ? . Time heals all wounds, while patience conquers all adversities and bad situations. Unfortunately, you can't have as many time as you wish, because time waits for no one and at the same time, you can not have enough patience as well to conquer situations. In trying to give time to an issue to let time perform the healing power, you have to first of all exercise patience and halt that action you had planned because after exercising patience, you will find out that you don't really need to take that action. That is why the two concepts go pari pasu.

Patience is the most powerful warrior because, once you get it, you’ll start winning little combats with bad time you face, and your power for patience will increase, i.e, patience has ability to increase your strength of mind, and it helps you in gaining confidence in your bad time. Once you are confident enough, bad time won't last for a while and you’ll get over it!

I used to love the saying, that one needs the patience of a farmer and that of a pregnant woman sometimes in dealing with situations.of life. In the two instances, which involved planting or sowing,the farmer would have to wait patiently for one year to get an harvest in most cases, while the pregnant woman will also be waiting for no less than 9 months. All of these takes a lot.of time, but the end result is a resounding success story at both end,; the story of bountiful harvest and the joy of a new born. So, when you are asked to exercise the patience of a farmer, it may look as if it will take eternity, but the eventually end will be success story. Learnt to wait for situations to unflold and sort itself out. 

For instance, when you are in a war situation, the side that has the patience to wait for the proper moment to attack, and the side that can wait the longest, have tremendous advantages over the challenger.

Patience is virtue, we are all guilty;we want things done now and almost immediately, whereas with a little patience you can get a better deal. Time waits for no one but, at the same time patience is key. Let us leant to make good use of the two warriors..Patience and time.

May God bless us...

Tomorrow is another day.

Waheed Ogunjobi,  a Journalist, authour Public Affairs Analyst writes from Abeokuta the Ogun State Capital and can be reached on 08035004741 or through waheedogunjoni@

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