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Thursday, January 27, 2022

What is your standard when no one is watching ?

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What is your standard when no one is watching ?

Most often than not, people tend to exhibit double-faced character. When the mother is at hand, they are nice to the baby , when not, they are something else. In the same manner, when the boss is around, the job went on smoothly, when he is not, the job suffers. 

Such characters are given to hypocrisy and they are never true to their employers or themselves. But, sometimes, when people do things the right way and they think they are helping others, they are indirectly helping themselves. This is because, it has been settled long ago that the way you do another People's  job or the way you treat other people's business is the same way you will treat your own. It is as simple as that.

This scenario played out on a story I am about ro relate. Let's tag along as we get rhe lessons therein.

An elderly man,  a carpenter wanted to retire from his house building profession..So, he went to his employer, the contractor and tendered his resignation letter. The employer look at him and said he wanted to make a request. He said, could you just build one last house as a personal favour.The carpenter didn't like it, but he obliged..  He set out for the construction and  he used poor workmanship and used  inferior materials and afterwards  invited  his employer to come and inspect the project. 

After inspecting the project, the employer handed him over the front door key and said this is my gift to you for the many years of service and labour  and sacrifice for me

The carpenter could not  believe it, had he known for a moment that he was building his own house ,he would have given it some artistic finese and used  superior  materials.

But, this thing he just did, revealed his personal standard, this revealed who he is really was under no supervision.This revealed his attitude toward work and his employer.

The question is " Isn't this true for many of us, that we  hide our identities from our employers? 

.We define our standards from supervision. If supervision was eliminated, our true colours will literally come out. We resigned before we resigned , we get out of that job, long before we get out of the  door of that office..And ,we are still wondering why we are not growing...

You see, my brethren  men and women of great standards, while they are dispensable, they are nor replaceable. Once they leave that organisation, it would be very difficult for anyone to fit into their shoes So, let's ask  the soul searching question, what is your standard as an employee, what is your standard as an employer,  what is your standard as a husband, what is your standedd as a wife, what is your standard as a business partner or associate?

By what standard, do you live?  One  of the reasons why most people never attained their goals in life is because there is  a mismatch between their goals and personal standard... Could this be you ?
Let's examine ourselves?What is your standard when no one is watching ?

Tomorrow is another day.

Waheed Ogunjobi,  Journalist, author,  writer and a Public Affairs  Analyst writes from Abeokuta  and can be reached through 0i035004741  or waheedogunjobi@gmail.com

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