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Thursday, February 17, 2022

Do you have believe in yourself?

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Do you have believe in yourself?

According to Dan Lok,   an Internationally acclaimed Enterpreneur Speaker, most people fail in life and in Business, because they lack self esteem.

He said: When we talk about self esteem, we are not taking about arrogance. We are not talking about pride or confidence, but self esteem. 

What then , is self esteem? 

It is ability to believe in self and hold self very high. It is something that parents should give to their children.

Experiemces have however shown that most parents use to discourage their  children from taking a plunge. Most often than not, parents, siblings, friends, use the word " You are not trained for this! No one in your family is an entrepreneur or you do not have the right education or skill or better still, you do not know the right people .

They sometimes urged us to be contented  with what we have. So, look deep down within you, why don't you take that step, why didn't you start that business, what is holding you back? It is because you lack self esteem?

Now , the next question  to ask is , how do I build my self esteem?

Dan Lok, stated further that people lack  self esteem because they are not true to themselves.They fail themselves more often than not.

So, going forward, stop to ask yourself this question, how many times have you made  promises to yourself without fulfilling them ?

You do not follow through with your plans most times. When you do this persistently for a period of time, it simply shows that you have no or low self esteem. You don't even believe  in yourself!

So, in little things and big things, make a promise to yourself and then deliver. That is how to build your self esteem. 

Ask this question, do you deliver on the promises you made to yourself or do you have  what Dan Lok described as a loudsy track records? 

Do you always break your promises?

Unless you build your self esteem which is the Foundation of All Successes, nothing happens and nothing will work.  So, make a promise to yourself and follow it through and you will see what happens to your self esteem.

Tomorrow  is another day.

Waheed Ogunjobi, a journalist, writer and Public Affairs Analyst writes from Abeokuta and can be reached through 08035004741 or

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