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Monday, February 14, 2022

Heaven still rewards diligence,no matter how long !

Adapted/ Copied 

School of Life ....with Waheed Ogunjobi 

The subject of our Nuggets of Wisdom today is an adapted story copied one without being able to identify the source. But, because  the lessons there are enduring, we decided to settle for it so that people will know that humanity still reward excellence in service and being diligent as a virtue has a resounding reward, no matter how long it takes.. Happy Reading...

I know a retired police man, a devout Christian, 

While in service, they nicknamed him "Pastor" , he suffered bad posting for about 34yrs...

He rose from constable to DSP, 

His popular name den was "HE NO DEY GIVE, HE NO DEY TAKE" ..

Meaning he doesn't give bribe to get good posting neither does he takes bribe from civilians.

Most people he worked with never liked him because they saw him as a spoiler.

He was posted from one bad posting to another,  he was never posted anywhere there was any reasonable allowance.

Anywhere genuine money dey, he will not be posted there because they disliked him generally for his stand.

He stood for righteousness and never liked cheating innocent people.

So some big men didn't like him

If anyone did anything evil in his presence he would expose them and make them face the wrath of the law.

From one State to another, he was transferred and he kept moving.

This was how he moved about for 34yrs and 5months.

For all of the years he worked, he had no land talk more of a house, but he managed to train his four children in school with his meagre salary and petty trading his wife was doing to support the family.

He had about 7months to retire from service when he was posted to the Police Force Headquarters Abuja on standby duty.

He was in charge of standby men at the Force Headquarters.

So one day, under the administration of President Olusegun Obasanjo and Mallam Nasir El-rufai was Minister of the FCT, things turned around for the better in his life.

During  the enforcement of the Abuja master plan of 2006, the government needed to do some demolition within the Abuja metropolis.

So the Minister drove to police headquarters and requested for some policemen to be attached to the Task Force incharge of demolition.

So this DSP in charge of Standby Duties, an old man, was asked to lead the men on the special duty.

They went to carry out the duty assigned to them by the honorable minister without any hassles.

After about two days of working, the Minister picked interest in the DSP because of his commitment to duty..

And asked him, "Officer how are u?".                           " Fine sir he replied the Minister...

El-rufai then asked him, "do you have a car?" 

The man responded,  "I  have one push and  start Volvo", of course he had  a volvo of 1992 model which he stopped using as there was nobody to help him to push it because there was no money to buy battery.

And that was all he had as property in his over thirty-four years of serving his country.

The Minister asked one of his aids to bring a key to a brand new prado jeep parked at the secretariat and handed over the key of the car to the dutiful DSP.

The old man was surprised.

The Minister said,  "this is now your new car, I just like you." 


The man couldn't believe his ears and what just happened.

Was he dreaming?

They went out that day on their routine duty of providing security for the Task Force.

When they returned same day, the minister called the DSP, now his friend, and asked if he has a land.

The man said,  "sir apart from this jeep you gave me and my push and start Volvo, I have nothing else on earth", he said and stood at attention.

"How  long have you been in service?" The Minister asked .

He said, " I have 7 months to retire sir!" He responded and gave a salute.

The Minister was moved with compassion and handed over documents of a plot of land to him located at Asokoro in Abuja.

The man was dazzled with what was happening, and while still looking with bewilderment, the Minister asked his aid to take him to one of the duplexes at wuse phase 2 and handed over the house to him as his new property.

The man collapsed....out of joy...

The news went viral to force headquarters...

The man who posted him there just to punish him didn't know he was pushing him to his recovery of many years.

It pays to serve God brothers and sisters.

Not too long from then, the Minister travelled abroad and the DCP in charge of operation at the Force Headquarters who posted the DSP for the assignment was very bitter upon hearing what happened. 

He quickly used signal to remove him from there to report  back on standby at the Force Headquarters.

The man returned and the DCP posted his own brother to go and take over the special duty.

When the DSP got to office, the DCP told him that whatever he was given was a proceed of the special duty and he needs to sell those things so that they can share the money for everyone who took part in the duty. 

The DSP told the DCP that he was given those things and they were for him because they were given to him and not the team.

But the DCP threatened him  and insisted that the last orders should be obeyed!

So the DSP said, "no wahala sir  if you want to take everything, take it sir".

While they were still on the matter, the Minister returned from his trip abroad and asked,  "where is my friend, the DSP"?

They told him he has been changed and the ASP here is the new officer in charge.

Furious, the minister called the IGP and asked him to return his friend to him.

The IGP called the DIG Operations and ordered him to post the man back, that he was not aware of any change!

The DIG asked the DCP who removed the man out of envy to use his own official hilux to return the man to the Honorable Minister and should personally hand him over to the Minister and give report back to him with immediate effect!

Vooom,  this is a case of Haman and Mordecai...

The DCP out of shame but must obey the last order,  took the DSP in his hilux, with escorts and drove straight to the secretariat,  handed over the DSP to the Minister.

The DSP while narrating the story later said the Minister gave the DCP 100 dollars and asked him never to remove his friend untill the special duty was over!

Elrufai a Muslim,  the DSP a Christian, but God can use anyone to bless you.

This was how the DCP left in shame.

The DSP remained there till he retired. 

Elrufai personally called his friends and hosted a banquet to celebrate the DSP on his retirement.

On that day of his retirement, the Minister gave him a  check of 10 million naira.

His friends donated several millions and handed it over to the man.

One of the friends of the Minister at the event gave him a plot of land inside Abuja Central Business District that was  worth 200million naira if sold!

This was how God blessed him in less than 7months to his  retirement. 

Everything he lost ,he gained in many folds and he had well brought up children to continue where he stopped his service without a blemish.

He retired as a  millionaire, two plots of lands valued about N400m if sold ,a duplex well furnished and one other car aside the prado jeep.

Indeed righteousness exalts a people, but sin is a reproach.

In all you are doing,  remember that heaven is taking records, he knows how to reward his faithful servants..

His poverty ended just like that.

But he did not compromise his stand for truth and righteousness..for those 35 years in a police job that was labelled the most corrupt profession in the country.

A good story to tell to encourage anyone who might want to give up his commitment to duty because of the frustrations he is facing on the job. Look into the new year with some bright hope.

 This month is your month of breakthrough! 
Keep hope God will reward you all with abundance of blessings this year IJMN AMEN 🙏.

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