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Tuesday, February 15, 2022

How Close are you to your children?

How Close are you to your children?

It was the story of Ben Carson, the American surgeon reputed for separating the 7 months old Siamese Twins that got me thinking about the thought- provoking question. 

Ben Carson in his popular Autobiography, Gifted hands while trying to establish the kind of love that existed between himself, his siblings and their father, he related how he used to play with his father's veins, describing how big the veins on the back of his  father's large hands were and how he would press them down to disappear, only to re-appear again. 

This analysis got to me and made me to think about what has become of the relationship  between father and their children these days, especially  in this part of the world.

 Most parents are hostile to their children. Even, those parents  who are not the hostile type do not really have the time for such frivolities.

These are parents that have more than three to four means of livelihood to contend with. Some of them are Civil Servants in the morning and probably traders, Gatemen, bar attendants or what have you in the evening or overnight, all in the bid to meet up with regular up-keep expenses.

Lack of closeness to children have many consequences  especially  with the turns of events in our society these days. There are high levels of crimes associated with the younger generations these days. Truth is that, most parents do not really know what their children are up to or what they are capable of doing and they are perhaps living with a complete stranger.

So, in order for parents to have better grasp of what their children are capable of doing in terms of helping them to develop their talents as well as detect any evil tendencies of the younger ones  early enough, it is important for parents to create time and try to spend more time with their children. 

You need to listen to their small voices and attend ro their worries. if you do not get close to them, show them love, attend to their worries and be their best friends,  other people will do that for them outside, and that may be the beginning  of the end for them.

Tomorrow  is another day.

Waheed Abiodun  Ogunjobi, a Journalist, Author and Public Affairs  Analyst writes from Abeokuta  the Ogun State Capital  and can be reached on 08035004741 or

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