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Friday, April 15, 2022

58 Hearty Cheers To A Reverred Man-Of-God---- Apostle Lawrence Achudume .

 Let the drums beat, roll out the red carpet, sound it loud for all to hear, and let's make merry.
Yes! why not? 

It's time to celebrate the life of a great accomplisher, a man-of-many-parts, the Lead Pastor of the Victory Life Bible Church,Int’l, Apostle Lawrence Achudume as he turns 58 this Friday, April 15th, 2022. 

Yes, it is another time of the year basking in the euphoria of the caliber of this perfect gentleman, a seasoned preacher, public affairs analyst, humanist, great mentor to many, a loving husband and dutiful father who is well loved not only in Nigeria but across the world. 

Apostle Achudume, remains a listener's delight any day, being an Ambassador for global peace, and a strong advocate of love who believes that love is a great value that should be shown by every human being irrespective of religion, social or ethnic leaning. 

  The Lead Pastor of the Victory Life Bible Church, Int’l at every given opportunity harps on the sovereignty of God.

Papa, as he is fondly called by his congregation and admirers is firmly rooted in the belief that love is all that is  needed to make the world a better place to live in. 

The reverred Man-Of-God, would always sound  the reality that whoever has wealth without having God in his or her life is only living a life of vanity, urging people to depend on God for supply as no one helped by the Sovereign God will miss the track in the race of life. 

   The birthday "boy" who is known to be very blunt  with an astonishing oratory prowess during his preachings and presentations at events believes in a world where there is equity, fairness and justice.

It was ,therefore, no surprise that at the just concluded week-long 30th Convention of the Church tagged "In The Days of His Power", top government functioneries, well respected Men-Of-God, popular Music Ministers, Members of the congregation, among others ,all turned up in their large numbers not just to honour the invitation of the Achudumes, but also to savour the full manifestation of the  monarch of the Universe.
   No doubt God deserves the praises of  family,friends and associates of  Apostle Achudume this Friday for allowing him to be five decades plus eight years in the land of the living.
    Hip! Hip!! Hip!!! HURRAY.............
58 Hearty Cheers To Papa,
Bro Lawrence,Pastor Law !!!!

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