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Sunday, April 3, 2022

Nigeria's Problems Are Surmountable- Achudume

The Lead Pastor of the Victory Life Bible Church International, Apostle Lawrence Achudume, has said Nigeria's Socio-economic challenges are not insurmountable provided that the led are ready to hold their leaders accountable. 

According to him, the challenges of Nigeria stemmed from having the wrong people in leadership position who are not there to serve, but to enrich their pockets.

Apostle Achudume spoke at the weekend in Abeokuta on the sideline of the 30th anniversary of the church being commenorated with a 10 day convention tagged" In the day of His Power, held at the Victory 
City,Opposite OGTV, Ajebo  Road Abeokuta. 

"Nigeria's challenges are not insurmountable.The challenge of Nigeria are that of wrong people in leadership position. Nigeria is a blessed and a great nation,unfortunately we elect wrong people because they are loud; because they have God'fathers or they have the money to throw around," Apostle Achudume said.

Apostle Achudume also said the problem of insecurity in the county is a reaction from bad people in government who feel aggrieved and are bent on getting back at the system.

As he said, we have exalted and glorified our leaders too much, saying they suppose to be the servants of the people and not their warlords.

"We have exalted people in leadeeship.They are supposed to be friends to who they are leading, they are not warlords, but we've over-exalted them."

The man of God said the day Nigerians begin to hold their leaders accountable, the country will change.

On his expectations from the convention, he said he is expecting change in all ramifications.

" I'm expecting change in all ramifications on this convention.I believe if I can change one person, we can change the world. Besides, people should understand that they have the capacity to rule their world. It is foolhardy for people to depend on government for anything."

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