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Thursday, April 7, 2022

There is no better Nigeria than you are, learnt to build others- Achudume charges Nigerians

Since the  office of a Pastor has no expiry date, clerics have neem urged to stop reducing themselves before those in position of authority, but learnt to 
Maintain their stability.

The Lead Pastor of the Victory Life Bible Church, Apostle Lawrence Achudume who gave the admonition during pastors meeting of on the sideline of the 30th anniversary convention of the church said 
heaven is weeping for  the church in Africa.

The man of God who said mot all miracles are miracles, observed that .juju power  will fail one day, admonishing pastors not to add anything to the gospel.

" Don't pretend to be who u r not. Wait for  God's blessings."

According to Apostle Achudume, the office of pastor is  important in the morning of the nation, saying most wrong leaders are exhalted by pastor.

He said a Pastor who doesn't have prosperity will be messed up by the politicians.

"Many politician's pocket clerics because they being themselves low.  It's not every money you take, or else you  become a slave forever.", Acudune said.

"Not all Nigerians are lazy. Not all Nigerians are beggars. 
Pastors are destiny moulders, dream interpreters.
Clerics can change the nation if they Continue to preach the message of hope."

The man of God said any pastor dat doesn't want to be offended should hang his boot.

He said the  calling of a pastor is sacred and should not be abused, observing that 
God is not a wasteful investor.

"Challenges of life and ministry, liars,betrayals and lack make some pastors to move away from God's commandments"

He charged pastors to understand to be conscious of their health and balance up.

" One of the biggest challenges of church is finance for the ministry. You must be conscious of God’s provisions and cultivate the habit of worshipping God.

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