Saturday, April 2, 2022


El-Rufai is someone worth listening to when it comes to certain facts.

From the way he spoke, he has full details of where these  terrorist are located especially those that attacked the train on Abuja Kaduna Road and those terrorising that route

The  video in circulation seems to be  in alignment with his comments in various other places.He is consistently consistent  in recent times on this issue ..His position though different from what it was during Jonathan but at least, the current position is coupled with Intelligence that could help the country.

He simply said let me try to quote him a little.

1.We know where they are.

2.Sometimes we listen to their conversations.

3.We know their camps and so on.

My knowledge in Criminology and Security studies is not beyond the Diploma level but even a lay man understands the meaning of El Rufai Statement.

I think,  in my considered opinion that in this current state of emergency in security, we should try and listen to El Rufai.

He has information.

He knows where they are.

He has so much information .

The only question to ask is that, does anyone else know where they are and such person or persons decided to look the other way? 

If am the Commander in Chief of Armed Forces, I will call an emergency security meeting with all the Governors in Nigeria and the Security Chiefs and ask El Rufai to address us.

In his address, I think, he will give us more useful information. 

Let no one ignore him.

We need to get all the details he has.

Perhaps...Some may say this sounds like a parable but we need not stress ourselves beyond the literal meaning of this short article.. 

It simply say..Why we must not ignore El Rufai.

If we ignore him, we are simply saying he is telling lies.I think he knows more than what he told us ...

Instead of spending so much money on Intelligence gathering ; we have a free one in El Rufai.

To ignore El Rufai is to waste resources trying to travel to Sokoto State when what we are looking for is in the pocket of our Sokoto..( Sokoto in my Language simply means Trouser).

Others are questioning him by saying :

1.How did he get to know them ?

2 What is his relationship with them?

3 Was he the one that brought them from various places like Mali, Niger, Somalia? 

Leave such questions to the Nigerian Security forces.

All we are saying, don't ignore him.

In the course of engaging him,  you may ask further questions.

For now do not ignore him.

If we must ignore those coming out to declare their intention to contest as President of Nigeria without having capacity to win their council election, we must not ignore El Rufai.

Dr.Gbenga Adeoye holds a PhD in Management Accounting, a Bachelors Degree in Law( LLB).

An MSc.in Banking and Finance, a diploma in Criminology and Security Studies, 

He also holds a Post Graduate Diploma in International Business Law from The University of London.

He is Passionate about Social &  Economic Development of Africa and Nigeria.

He believes the quality of people in leadership determines development in any country.

He is the founder and Principal Partner of Gbenga Adeoye & Co.(Chartered Accountants)

He is a member of Egba Economic Summit and Nigerian Economic Summit Group.

He is also a contributor  to National Policy on Taxation, Development Economics  and Good Governance.

He is the founder of Gbenga Adeoye Foundation; an NGO focused on the eradication of poverty, ignorance and sickness in Nigeria especially in the rural areas.

He can be reached via e mail : dga@gbengaadeoye.com.

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