Saturday, May 7, 2022


1. Everyday when you switch on  the TV or read the print or online news , you wake up to see strange persons declaring to be president of our country.

2. One day, there were three declarations. In fact, there are time tables of declarations for every week.

Am happy with media house owners who get money from them to show the declarations and the jokes .Congrats to them.

Now among our friends we prepare profile and joke about it .

In fact, a friend was in the plane yesterday and sent a picture to us to send him more money because he was on his way to pick APC form...He was joking about his trip to Abuja.What a country.. ?

Now if you call a friend , we ask where have you been, from searching from my 100m for APC form..so as to declare to be president .Are we serious ? 

Our number 1 seat is now free for all.
Even people who should go and hide their faces are buying forms. I laugh.
One of the candidate even boasted that he is the only one  that can change Nigeria ...In fact one said, if he does not become president.. Nobody else will do a particular project.  Habaaaaa.  .This insult  is too much..  You see people talk like someone that is drunk and discuss Nigeria like personal chattel ....Habaaaaa.

3.The most surprising is that the cost attached to Party Forms for expression of interest and nomination  itself.

3.a It is as  high as N100m in APC. ..Minus posters, Bill Boards, TV and radio adverts. Several other  cost .....

3.b.Must somebody become bankrupt to lead? Trully it is not about Nigerians.It is about Investment and returns therein.

3.c. Using the CBN exchange rate of N410 ; the figure is  $243, 902.

4.This is the price some companies that can take 100 people out of poverty in the US are currently being sold.

5.Yesterday the long time rumour that some people were spreading the Posters of Emefiele   turned to be true.I was shocked that in the midst of the Economic crisis of our country a sitting CBN governor has boldness to pick N100m nomination form.Neutrality has gone to the dustbin....Yes ...Anyone has a Constitutional Right...No problem...When Nigeria falls to the ground..we would all wake up.I pray some people arise to rescue the situation on time.

6.In my own State, we have four Candidates from the Same party. If Sen.Bukola  Saraki's history of connection to a compound near our house at Erunwon in Ake Abeokuta is true then, he could be counted too to make it 5.but that is not even reasonable to assume now...He was a Governor under Kwara and Senator under Kwara ...So he is not from Ogun State....Of course in Nigeria , people can be in State A for 4 years and move to state B for another 4 years...

Just because politics   has grown to be the most lucrative Investment .

See my State's list:  
1. Prof Yemi Osinbajo, 2.Pastor Tunde Bakare, 3.Sen Ibikunle Amosun, 
4.Hon .Dimeji Bamkole

Are we united with this list ?

7.Looking at the whole country ..it is even worst and the greatest insult any employer can get is when you advertise a a job meant for a holder of a Masters degree and Professional Qualifications like ICAN , CIBN or even say 'SAN" ; then you see applicants without Secondary School Certificate in the reception submitting their C.V. 

8.You may have to go and look at the advert again.

9.If in your advert you clearly stated the position without stating qualifications, decorum on the part of applicants will teach then not to apply.

10.You will not bother to even conduct an interview for such people but you will be so sad that how can these set of applicants apply for this position.?

11. For example Attorney General of a State must have been called to Bar for at least 10  years but when you advertise such and you see someone who studied English, Sociology send in Application without studying  law and he comes and say, I know how to do the job. I have been working around people who studied Law...

The first reaction will be that may be he is  NOT NORMAL MENTALLY.

12. Those that have applied to be the President of my country without mentioning names in all the parties; AM NOT SURE A SIGNIFICANT NUMBER AMONG THEM ARE NORMAL...Experts may need to verify this.If they are normal, then something is wrong with the  STANDARD of leadership in this country.

13. In Yoruba land when there is  no Patronage of your goods,  items are sold with bell ringing in the market and you hear ( Meta Kobo, meta kobo) ...it means 3 for 1 kobo...3 for 1 kobo...when did Presidential seat  become 3 for 1 kobo?..That is the origin of the title of this article...

14. In a country where people wake up to tell lies about certain groups paid their N100m and even at Governship Level N50m.

How many of them has ever paid N100m in tax annually  to their respective States in the last 10 years ?...

Let me suggest to APC that all Presidential Candidates in addition to 100m should present 3 Tax Clearance with average of N100m in tax.. Meaning 300m in the last 3 years...Let us thos that will go to pay their states.

15 Except may be one or two among them, If we ask these people to contribute N100m each that we may set up a company that will take 10,000 people out of Poverty, they will not respond. 

16.Hence, it is a clear game of INVESTMENT and return on Investment..
Corrupt tendencies other than intention to serve and sacrifice is suspected to be  the motivation among most of the people that are out there now...some say..no..it is not suspected but the real motivation....until proven guilty...let us say..suspected motivation for now...

17.For those that have served before among them in different capacity, you cannot see anything so serious and enduring they did while serving before now.Of course a few of them can point to something .

18. In their families, how many of them have raised N100m to solve poverty problem.?

19.Roads and drainages leading to the houses of most of them is a shame and there is no sign that a man that can drop N100m for just a form lives or has anything to do in their areas.

20. When I heard that Candidates from South West were meeting yesterday at Lagos Island , I moved closer to the area with my ears opened, expecting a cheering news after,  that they have separated boys from men ( not boys for age). Or they have spoken as elders to tell the people doing drama by buying N100m forms to go on one side and then narrow  the list to one person with a Press Conference after  stating as follows: 

" We the people of South West, Nigeria  Contesting have picked XYZ as our candidate and we all shall support him and seek support from other friends even in other political  parties before the primaries, after the primaries and during the General Election "

21. I ended up hearing all of you....have the  constitutional right to contest, whoever emerges after the primaries should be supported and.... play politics with decorum.... no fighting and stuffs like that ...NO NO NO...We know about constitutional  right but we also know competent person among them that we  need now to reshape the country 

22 .In the heart of the elders,  they know who should go for the job but they never acted as expected in my view.
In Yorubaland, there is a proverb that says ( Agba ki i to Eyin ka, ko fi owo bo)...Meaning when you grow old and some of your teeth have return to where they came from, you do not cover your mouth because of it because such is known with elders like Grey hair .. Although some people apply black colour now on their hairs while some young people apply grey colour ...What a disorder in our country. 

23. You hear, we are Democrats, every Nigerian has a right to contest. Children of the same father and mother...Omo Odua on the same position...Habaaaaa.  No No.No.

24. Let me end by stating that a House divided against itself will not stand.Unity of purpose, one person that is good, intelligent, hardworking, well experienced, strong mentally and physically should be presented to compete with people from other regions if truly we are of the same source.... Oodua.

The Author, 
Dr.Gbenga Adeoye holds a PhD in Management Accounting, a Bachelors Degree in Law( LLB).

He holds an MSc.in Banking and Finance, a diploma in Criminology and Security Studies, 

He also holds a Post Graduate Diploma in International Business Law from The University of London.

He is a Fellow of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Nigeria.(FCA) and a member of International Federation of Accountants ( IFAC).

He is a Fellow of The Chartered Institute of Taxation of Nigeria.( FCTI)

He was part of  3 Nigerians trained at Harvard Business School, Boston USA  on Innovation and Building New Businesses in Established  organisations in 2011 along with other CEO's and Heads of Strategy  of  multinationals and entities  from different countries in the world.

He is the founder and Principal Partner of Gbenga Adeoye & Co.(Chartered Accountants)

He is a member of Egba Economic Summit and Nigerian Economic Summit Group.

He is also a contributor  to National Policy on Taxation, Development Economics  and Good Governance.

He is the founder of Gbenga Adeoye Foundation; an NGO focused on the eradication of poverty, ignorance and sickness in Nigeria especially in the rural areas.

He is Passionate about Social & Economic Development of Africa and Nigeria.

He believes that the quality of people in leadership determines development in any country.

He can be reached via e mail : dga@gbengaadeoye.com

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